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rodentman 07-26-03 07:56 PM

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IWC rose gold Portugueser, 41 mm diameter, highly modified Valjoux 7750 movement.

rodentman 07-26-03 07:56 PM

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rodentman 07-26-03 07:57 PM

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You don't want to lose this buckle...

rodentman 07-26-03 07:58 PM

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Jasmin 07-26-03 08:44 PM

that is beautiful RM, I love the color of the gold, and at 1/2 price-great!

rodentman 07-26-03 09:00 PM

Thanks! It's not as red as my Omega, but it is noticeably different than yellow gold. I've always wanted a gold dress watch, but so many of them are thin and 36mm diameter or less. They just are too small. This one fits the bill quite well. At half price from auth dealer with full warranty I couldn't pass it up.

debinsandiego 07-26-03 09:41 PM

That's quite an attractive watch, indeed.

Enjoy it in good health!!

Horizon 07-26-03 10:24 PM

Weren't you on a watch hiatus? Kinda like my jewelery hiatus? :rofl:

It's beautiful RM, very very classy!!

Aimee S 07-26-03 10:55 PM

Very elegant and classy; congratulations!

Kamuelamom 07-27-03 03:55 AM

Holy smokes, I'm in the watch forum!! :p:

RM, your new watch looks great!

I thought of you today as I was looking over my tiny watch collection today. Among them, a generic brand from Japan, a $5.00 (clearance) Armitron Tweety Bird watch from Walmart, a women's Cartier from my FIL (I think this was used as "payment" to settle some kind of bet), and a LaSalle that my DH bought me before we got married, and another brand I never heard of that my son pulled as a grab bag gift for me from his teacher last Christmas. I think I'm doing OK, huh? Oh, almost forgot my Seiko that my mom got me for HS graduation 23 yrs ago...

I guess I had more watches than I realized. :D

I'm sorry RM, I didn't mean to hijack your thread.

rodentman 07-27-03 09:11 AM

Public forum, public thread. Thread "belongs" to everyone IMHO. Just don't hijack my watches.

Nothing wrong with your "tiny" watch collection.

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