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mdeleon 04-15-03 01:14 PM

My soon to be wife is Lutheran and I'm Catholic. We're getting married in the catholic church. Should we have a mass or no? I've heard both sides but simply yes and no with no real reasoning. We always go to my church on sunday's though... sigh.. just another piece of confusion to the whole mix!

U2Forever 04-15-03 01:43 PM

Would your soon to be wife consider converting to Catholicism? I converted to Catholicism soon after our first child was born. I was Lutheran and my husband was Catholic. It's been one of the best things I've ever done. :pray:

mdeleon 04-15-03 02:39 PM

What made you decide to convert? What did you see were the main difference that "drove" you to convert? I'm not sure if she wants to convert. I don't even know what she has to go through to convert! The guantlet? :D Anyway, what did you guys do at your wedding?

U2Forever 04-16-03 09:39 AM

The thing is, I just don't see a lot of difference. I had to take the RCIA class one day a week from September until May to learn about the Catholic faith. I decided to convert, because I thought it was important for our children and I've been very pleased. Good luck to you and your soon to be wife. :)

jgravlin 04-24-04 05:49 AM

Have you considered the following...

Gte married in the Catholic Church, have a mass, but have her Priest/Minister (don't know the correct term for the Lutheran religion) make a small speach and perhaps bless the marriage on the part of the Lutheran Church. I'm not positive that this could happen, but I certainly think it would be worth looking into. At the very least it openly acknowledges her beliefs while doing the same for yours.

Good luck with the upcoming marriage.

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