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widget 04-23-06 05:39 PM

My Mom's Asscher... redux
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I know there used to be a thread about this stone, but it seems to be gone.

Since there are lots of peops who may never have seen it, I get the HUGE pleasure of getting to share about it again!

My Dad bought this as an 'upgrade' for my Mom in the early '60s. He knew nothing about diamonds, but fortunately had a friend...fellow Rotarian...who was a jeweler. This guy almost insisted my Dad buy this diamond even though it was (if you can believe it) considerably 'smaller' than the upgraded honkers many of their friends were enjoying. Thank heavens my Dad followed this guy's advice!!

It had come out of an estate...probably from the twenties...simply mounted as a solitaire and small baguettes.

It is, for all intents and purposes, an "asscher", 3.91 carats. (Nobody had even heard of an 'asscher' back then, and I remember some clerk in a jewelry store telling my mom it was a cushion...times they have changed!)

Here is the only picture I have of it in its original mounting. My mom wore it 24/7....and I can't look at it today without thinking of her.

To be continued.....:)


andreayung23 04-23-06 06:06 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
I was just going to say the same thing! I love the simplicity and elegance. They sure knew what they were doing in the 20's (well...with diamonds anyway...) and 3.91 cts....what a mega honker!

Snooper 04-23-06 06:27 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Very classic! It's beautiful:)

luvnjewelry 04-23-06 06:32 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
I just can't express enough how gorgeous it is!! Widget, do you sometimes wish you would have kept it in the original setting? I love both of the settings either way...~Ronda

gemologygal 04-23-06 06:53 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
What a gorgeous ring -thank you for sharing this with us!

Itbit 04-23-06 07:04 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Thanks, widget!!I had missed it the first time around, so until today I didn't know that you had this stunner. It is a truly glorious ring, and also a sweet heirloom that will always remind you of your mother. Enjoy :-)

Itbit 04-23-06 07:08 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
...and widget, I remember from the other thread that your new mounting for the Asscher looks super, too.

widget 04-23-06 07:32 PM

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Thanks, you guys!

Not to worry....the original mounting is not lost. I gave it to my daughter-in-law with a garnet in it (her birthstone). She's next-in-line for the stone, and prefers the old mounting. She'll probably put the diamond back in it after I'm gone.

A couple years after my Mom died I had the stone certed and remounted with a pair of square ECs I'd found: 1.17ctw; E,F; VS-2. I think I thought it would look less "engagement-y" that way. hmmm..

I didn't know much then, and just let the jeweler go. If I had it to do over again, it wouldn't be mounted so high! :)

Here are a bunch of pictures, along a portion of the cert. (hope the stats are legible...)

annie1 04-23-06 07:37 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Great ring Widget! It's wonderful to have such good memories attached to such an amazing stone.

widget 04-23-06 07:38 PM

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....two more pics for fun...

The obligatory flower shot, of course; and a fun pic showing the high crown of this old stone.

Thanks for looking!

RubyMu 04-23-06 10:10 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Wow Widget - I just realised I was staring....

That is a gorgous stone..and family history on a piece always makes it so special!

DiamLady 04-23-06 10:32 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
OH, now that I see the profile view, I think I have seen this before. But not sure.

In any case, it's DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!! And has such a wonderful history to it.

I think it's just fabulous and amazing!! Congrats for being one of the lucky ladies to own it and be able to pass it down.

kleinkath 04-24-06 03:14 AM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
All I can say is that is really gorgeous! And, I agree that the fact that it has such a lovely history to go with it makes it even better.

abcm1125 04-25-06 12:29 AM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
I love that diamond. It is amazing that there were asshers that old. I guess much hasn't really changed, just became more popular. I wish there was a nice stone to pass down in our family!

briolette 05-09-06 10:22 AM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Wow. That's definitely an heirloom. Just HUGE and amazing. What an impressive ring.

diadiva 05-15-06 07:00 AM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
I've told you this before when you posted on PS but I must tell you again....That is a gorgeous ring!!!!

diamondjunkie 05-15-06 01:41 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Cough! Splutter! Faint...........thud! I am so jealous it's not even funny............!!!!!!!! !

rexelle 05-15-06 04:57 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Thank you for posting it again - it's so beautiful !!! And that way, everyone else gets to see it again, and us 'newer' Dters get to drool, too.
A spectacular stone, widget,............you lucky girl !!


widget 09-07-06 09:55 PM

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Hee hee..."pressure" from certain folks on Snooper's Ering thread (and my big mouth) has forced me to resurrect this thread and 'fess up' to my latest project.:)

If you read between the lines in my posts above, I've NEVER been happy with the mounting of my Mom's stone.

But several months ago I went to a gathering of Bay Area jewelry buffs and "not happy with" turned into HATE! I fell in love with everyone else's lovely, delicate mountings, and was appalled at how clunky and high and unwieldy mine looked.

Then I saw this picture...that cinched it! There's my honker in the middle, looking like a brass knuckle or something, amongst all the other beautiful delicate bling! :eeek:

luvnjewelry 09-07-06 10:02 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Oh but it is oh so stately Widget! Gosh look at all those glorious jewels! I feel like I would be out of my league with all you Bay area gals!! That is fun that you had a get together to oooh and aaah at all your gorgeous jewels! ~Ronda

widget 09-07-06 10:05 PM

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Sooooo...I went home and almost immediately called Leon Mege and cried: "Help!"

This has been in the works now for over a month. Like Snooper, I simply wanted a similar three-stone basket mounting, but this time with the stones mounted close to the finger, as delicately as possible.

Well, it's finally done! Here are two pictures Leon sent me. I'm ASTONISHED at how much better the same three stones look in the new mounting!!!

I'm expecting delivery of the ring on Monday morning. I'm DYING to see it in real life!!! If I don't come back on monday with new pictures, you can assume that it didn't arrive, and I've killed myself from frustration!! LOL


luvnjewelry 09-07-06 10:14 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
:thumb: :thumb: Oh Widget...Now I understand what you were saying. Leon's work is incredible and your ring and Snoopers proves it! It's just breathtaking! I don't think there are enough compliments to give it! It has become one of my new favorites!! It Is STUNNING!!! Your mom would be so proud! :patpat: ~Ronda

Itbit 09-07-06 10:16 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Wowza. widget--I love it!!!
Great choice!!
Sending good vibes your way for a speedy delivery :-)

RubyMu 09-07-06 10:17 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Gosh Widget...that's amazing!! I love the new setting. What a fab heirloom to have.

Now don't hold out on us with the handshots when the ring arrives :)

AZsparkleGal 09-07-06 11:31 PM

Re: My Mom's Asscher... redux
Oh widget thats soooooooo beautiful.. I remember in your post where you said that the original setting you could drive a truck through it....but this, this is magnificent..i cant wait for your pictures and hand shots...that leon does some incredible work!

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