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Bella 01-21-04 10:50 AM

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Couldn't find anywhere else to put this.

Antique. Art Deco era. Lavish, custom 1930's diamond Hamilton watch with matching diamond band. Over 3cttw of diamonds. 14k white gold. Item #watchcghamilton $7900.


Bella 01-21-04 10:51 AM

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Vintage estate PLATINUM diamond watch by Jordan with matching serpentine style PLATINUM bracelet. Contains one (1cttw) carat of beautiful bright white diamonds SI-I/G-H. $1200. Item#jordanwatch0902

Bella 01-21-04 10:53 AM

Ladie's Antiques Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Watch, by Glycine
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Bella 01-21-04 10:56 AM

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14k White Gold Movado Vintage Watch
Item #12277


Bella 01-21-04 10:57 AM

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14k White Gold Lady Sanford Vintage Watch
Item #17341

Bella 01-21-04 10:57 AM

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14k White Gold Bulova Vintage Watch
Item #7002

Bella 01-21-04 10:58 AM

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14k White Gold Longines Ladies Watch
Item #14207

Same place: http://mikesjewelrystore.com

Bella 01-21-04 11:00 AM

$ 37.75
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Part no. 502mz
Marcasite Quartz "Xanadu" Watch with a Japanese movement. Ther are 6 strands of herringbone chain between the marcasite spacers. The watch has a large Deco style face. 3/4"W x 7 1/4"L. This watch cannot be shortened.

New place: www.antiquereflections.co m

Bella 01-21-04 11:02 AM

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$ 6,795.00


Bella 01-21-04 11:05 AM

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I love this one.

diamond weight to 1.90cts


Bella 01-21-04 11:05 AM

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Bella 01-21-04 11:06 AM

$ 1,625
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REF : A627W1DS

Raech 01-21-04 07:29 PM

yea so do I (fay cullen) but when I posted them elswhere here people didn't say how pretty they just asked why she doesn't talk about the movement.

I just thought they were very very pretty.

rodentman 01-21-04 07:53 PM

Bella, this thread is an interesting contrast to your "financial responsibility" one.




rodentman 01-21-04 07:56 PM

I want this one...


or I'll settle for this...



Bella 01-21-04 09:06 PM


I liked the first one you showed. I like seeing the 'guts' of the watch.

I haven't explored watches before but starting to get interested.

Bella 01-21-04 09:07 PM

I mean Looie - oops.

Bella 01-21-04 09:10 PM

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List Price: $1,469
Our Price: $529

This masculine 14K Gold men's watch come with a rare leather strap and sports a handsome dial and serrated bezel. Stylish, this timepiece doesn't skip a beat.

Bella 01-21-04 09:13 PM

You know who would have loved this!
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Item Code: IC1
Price: $5,795.00

Totally Paved Diamond ICEMAN Watch

265 diamonds on the face and 551 diamonds on the case with the total weight of 4.15 carats .


Bella 01-21-04 09:13 PM

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Item Code: IC6
Price: $1,295.00

Bella 01-21-04 09:14 PM

Price: $24,400.00
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Mexi 01-21-04 09:24 PM

I love that Iceman watch. It looks so much like the Jacob & Co. watch I was just admiring (except the price prevents me from buying it).

Jacob & Co.

Mexi 01-21-04 09:28 PM

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