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lust4jewels 09-26-03 12:08 PM

Hi all,
As promised, I'm having a little contest for a beautiful 8.5mm, pale yellow cushion cut Interlap. You can see the pics here....JUST the loose stone, not the ring shown in the pictures, lol.

Pale Yellow Cushion

I've already ordered another for me, they're SO pretty, IMO anyway.

I'm just going to do the "pick a number" thing since I haven't had time this week to think up anything better :D

First one with the correct number wins....PM me your guesses. I'll run this until Monday at noon. If no-one had guessed it, I'll go with the closest.


Good luck :)

lust4jewels 09-26-03 12:09 PM

....that would be Monday, 9-29 at 12 noon EST :)

yogimel 09-26-03 12:49 PM

I'll be cheering for all entrants - Good Luck to all, and THANK YOU to Denise!!

saymama 09-26-03 01:29 PM

It's a beautiful stone. I know I won't set it, so I'll sit back and watch. Have too many to do now! But good luck to whoever tries!

lust4jewels 09-26-03 01:59 PM

Thanks Ladies :)

No winner yet.....one close though ;)

Cassandra 09-26-03 02:35 PM

Good luck to everyone who plays, and thanks again to lust4jewels for hosting a fun contest. :)

hellokitties 09-26-03 02:55 PM

great prize!!!
hey lust4jewels:) this is a sweet idea, and i wish those luck who enter:)

U2Forever 09-26-03 03:21 PM

What fun!!! Thanks for a great contest! :)

Cyberkat 09-26-03 03:33 PM

Thank you for the great contest lust4jewels. That stone is breathtaking! :facelick:
Wishing you all the best of luck!

Seagulls 09-26-03 03:35 PM

Good Luck to all!! What a beautiful stone!!! Thanks for your generosity lust4jewels!!! :)

lust4jewels 09-26-03 03:37 PM

Thanks for all of the kind words you've included with your guesses :)

I love this place - gorgeous jewelry & great people, what more could you ask for!!! :D

toomuchjewelry 09-26-03 03:43 PM

Thanks so much and good luck to everybody!

TxsChatterbox 09-26-03 06:20 PM

Thanks for hosting this contest. Good luck to everyone who entered.

-Tami :)

NotEnufStuff 09-26-03 10:57 PM

Did I win? ;)


lust4jewels 09-27-03 12:36 AM

I just received the winning guess :D

Thank you all for playing, it was really fun for me :D

The winner is........


....my number was 10 :D

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