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Michael_E 10-29-08 02:06 PM

Checkerboard Cushion Amethyst
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I cut this stone from a deep Zambian amethyst and it displays flashes of blue and red depending on the lighting that it's in. It weighs 2.78 carats and measures 8.24mm square on the short sides. This beautiful gem would make a superb pendant or ring stone set with the corners oriented vertically either by itself or with small diamonds as contrasting elements to the design. Extra cheap for a natural stone and custom cutting.

Icerocc 03-20-13 03:26 PM

Re: Checkerboard Cushion Amethyst
Great stone the cut is phenomenal and the color is very pretty!

rodentman 05-08-13 11:01 AM

How can you tell?
And you discern that the cut is ""phenomenal" from a 2 dimensional photo on a computer screen?

Are you also able to discern the future?

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