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Raech 12-23-02 09:36 PM

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I don't have it yet. But I will probably get it very soon, I am very curious as to how Kevin will propose.

All pics are thanks to Brad & Jan.

Raech 12-23-02 09:38 PM

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next view

Raech 12-23-02 09:39 PM

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3rd view in scale in 1024 x 768 screens

Raech 12-23-02 09:42 PM

Top close up
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close one - note yellow tint in band is overhead lights reflections.

MelissaCT 12-23-02 09:43 PM

Congratulations on the ring, it is very beautiful.

Horizon 12-23-02 09:43 PM

Wow, that is a beauty! I love those contour settings. They are SO classy!

Raech 12-23-02 09:43 PM

angle close up
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last one I promise & thanks so much guys. In a week or two I will do 1 or two small pics on.

BTW, I guess I should put a pic of me on the DT section too huh?

BTW, you all are special. None of our families even know we are getting engaged yet ;)

MelissaCT 12-23-02 09:50 PM

Did I read somehere that this is an "I" colored stone?

I am considering getting an "I" so I can have a bigger stone...

Raech 12-23-02 09:56 PM

Yep it is an I color. And I am a very picky person. Ask Jan :p: bet I drove she and Brad nuts.

I'll let you know what I think when I am wearing it. I will be brutally honest on the body color. I know a stone this well cut will face up whit enough. I will let you know on the side color in every type of light. But I SI1 allowed me to get this .85ct (that and DBOFL's great prices - beat everyone even with FL sales tax- as I am in FL).

Remember almost everything will look yellow in tungsten lighting (I think this is just lightbulbs) becasue it is a heavy on the yellow spectrum (short wave length yellow lighting). Even Ds I think. Just not as much.

BTW, MelissaCT you are very pretty I just posted a bad pic of me to the thread "Put a face to the names on DT" too.

Jaxie 12-23-02 10:01 PM

Pretty! Can't wait to see it on your hand!


ladyluck 12-23-02 10:20 PM

Your ring is quite beautiful. Congratulations and good luck with it. I just know you must be excited! :)

mariepie 12-23-02 11:31 PM

what a beauty. Congrats. Keep us posted on the proposal

Raech 12-23-02 11:38 PM

Ladyluck: what gave me away? :shyone: the 2 tons of pics ;) Hehehehe

Funny no matter how pretty pics are I think they always look waaaay better in person.

The colors and sparkle get lost in pics. They don't look alive. Wish you all lived closer. (shrug)

So I am dying here. I hope he doesn't wait til New Years or... (gasp) after :eek:

atalantah 12-23-02 11:52 PM

Your ring is very pretty! I like the lines of the setting. The whole look of the ring is very smooth. Great choice! :)

Butterfly71 12-24-02 12:05 AM


You will love your ring! I have a .75 VG set in a very similar setting and I love it!!!!! It is so comfortable and really shows off the stone.

Congrats on the gorgeous ring and best of luck on the proposal...I hope he doesn't make you wait too long!!

irish 12-24-02 12:17 AM

What a pretty ring
That is quite lovely! Congratulations! It is another DBOF masterpiece. Wear it in good health and happiness. Irish

sweet7696 12-24-02 01:21 AM

Gorgeous ring!!!

Cincy 12-24-02 01:58 AM

Very nice!

Musthave 12-24-02 09:14 AM

How exciting! Beautiful ring!

Raech 12-24-02 11:43 AM

Oh the humanity.
It came today and he made me try it on....

Not fair.

Well, it is gorgeous and hard not to cry. But the inscription is wrong. :(

BTW, it was overcast outside where I tried it on. And no yellow to be seen from the side. This "I" must be a borderline H/I or they really lie about the grades in B&Ms cos this is whiter then what I saw around town. :)

Horizon 12-24-02 12:36 PM


What is the inscription? I love to hear about those.

I can't believe it is WRONG...What a total bummer.

Brad 12-24-02 12:46 PM

Hi Raech *My* fault , I think I left one out :( I can take care of that though :)

Brad :cool:

Raech 12-24-02 12:57 PM

Brad, you poor thing you musta been so tired with the Xmas rush. And yep it was a my missing.

Jan emailed me too. I knew you guys would fix it. From the 1 minute I got to wear it to try it on to be sure it fit (I knew it would - why do they torture us so??) I lved it. It is set at the perfect height. And looks so much better and bigger (the diamond) than it does in the pics.

Did Jan think this I was a borderline H/I or do almost all "I"s look this white even from the side? I am pretty darn color sensitive and was thrilled even in todays no sun overcast day to see no yellow.

Serlin2 12-24-02 01:05 PM

Wow Raech,

Beautiful ring. Very elegant lines.

No wonder you loved it.


Raech 12-24-02 01:20 PM

Serlin, it is far more beautiful in person and on. Pics don't even show the beauty 1/2 as much as in person. So frustrating. I know I look at solitares on here and think oh it is ok. How pretty. But I am sure NOW that all of them are much prettier in person.
The camera can't capture the elegant curves completely, or the gorgeous fire and twinkles.

Brad & Jan:
BTW, are these beautiful ring boxes wood? Wood veneer? or plastic that incredibly looks like lacquered wood?

Kevin and I are trying ot figure it out. Not that it matters it is a really neat box. Unlike the through away type at most B&M stores.

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