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tthuyminhh 04-14-12 01:43 PM

My diamond
my diamond is .38 carats and is colorless (D). the clarity is I1. i know that the clarity of my diamonds means that i can see imperfections with the naked eye. however, i went to the store to look at it under the magnifying glass and even the store manager could not find any imperfections inside my diamond. he said it was colorless and crystal clear! how can this be?

odbg 05-03-12 10:24 AM

Re: My diamond
a diamond with I1 doesn't necessary mean that isn't eye clean. it just means that the inclusion is Obvious under 10X magnification.

But, what you are describing is strange indeed. has the diamond been certified by any labs before?

jackofdiamonds 06-04-12 04:10 AM

Re: My Diamond
What is the source of the information which tells you that your diamond has a clarity of I1?

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