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LUVROCKS 09-10-03 08:22 AM

I went a little crazy at a beauty supply store's "moving so we'd rather sell it than move it" sale the other day... I've now got more nail polish than one human being can use in a lifetime.

Rather than having it "go bad" because I'll never get to use them, I thought I'd have a giveaway!

Here's what you get 6 brand new - just bought a few days ago OPI nail polishes.

Affair in Times Square
Life is a Cabernet
Bagota blackberry
Two Plums Up
Concord Grape

I've picked a number between 1 and 100 - PM me with your guess by 11 am Eastern on Friday. If more than one person is correct I'll toss a coin - if no one is correct, I'll pick the person who guessed a number that was close.

Happy guessing!

winyan 09-10-03 09:37 AM

Very sweet of you LuvRocks!

Thanks so much!


U2Forever 09-10-03 11:41 AM

Cool contest, thanks!!! :)

hellokitties 09-10-03 11:54 AM

Hey LUVROCKS......
you ROCK!! hee hee..sorry, bad pun, couldn't help myself:) OPI polishes are the best, esp. their cute names...it is not hard to go overboard when buying them..smiles. thanks for the fun contest:)

LUVROCKS 09-10-03 12:05 PM

Thanks Everyone,
When I got home I realized I now had duplicates and even triplicates of some of the colors - can't return them - so why not share the wealth!

Drakonlore 09-11-03 01:20 AM

Thanks Luvrocks for the contest! I'm sitting this one out. Best of luck to all the contestants.

I would love to see the nail colors once the winner gets it, though. :)

littlebit 09-11-03 01:39 AM

Thanks for the GREAT contest! I LOVE getting new nail polish!
Nice idea!

Amethyste 09-11-03 08:52 AM

Yay to Go Luvrocks!
I loooooooooooooooooooooe nail polish, although I never wear any, I love to put it on my clients ;) Happy guessing everyone!

LUVROCKS 09-12-03 11:53 AM

And the winner is!
11 am has come and gone...

No one picked the correct number, but Abbykatesmom had the closest guess.

The number was 65, she guess 67 - just two off!

Thank you EVERYONE who played along or just stopped by this thread to say hello!

It was a ton of fun!!!!!

doxiemom 09-12-03 12:19 PM

Yea Abbykatesmom!!! Congrats!! Thanks for a great contest LUVROCKS!

What a lucky gal. Pretty polish to make hands pretty and show off your little piggies. Sigh**** sandle season is just about over here in upstate NY. :(

hellokitties 09-12-03 01:02 PM

Woo Hoo!!!
congrats Abbykatesmom!! you will have tons of fun with those colors! OPI are, in my humble opinion, the best polishes, and the names are soo cute! have fun polishing, and luvrocks, thanks for the fun! :D

dberg 09-12-03 01:50 PM

Thanks for such a fun and new contest giveaway! :D

U2Forever 09-12-03 03:25 PM

Congratulations Abbykatesmom!!! :applaud:

Thanks for a cool contest, LUVROCKS!!! :)

abbykatesmom 09-13-03 11:46 AM

:D I am so thrilled! I love nail polish so much! I have really missed DT lately, I have been working a full-time and a part-time job the last several weeks and last week my full-time job asked me to put in some extra time too. So I have worked about 70 hours this week and it is not even over yet. I am leaving in about an hour to put in another 10 hours! So tired! This was the perfect pick me up!

A huge thank you to Luvrocks for a great and exciting new contest. I am so thrilled! THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU! :D ;) :)

MsDarlinJoy 09-13-03 01:21 PM

Yippie ...
Congratulations to AbbyKatesMom!!

OPI nail polish is great!!

What a wonderful contest!!

Enjoy and try to pamper yourself ... sounds like you have been working too hard lately!

Joy :D

Horizon 09-13-03 07:50 PM

Congrats Abbykatesmom!! :sunshine:

abbykatesmom 09-20-03 11:45 AM

Thank you Thank you!
The pretty polish came yesterday and the colors are awesome. They are just the kind I like and are perfect for fall!

Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh yeah one other thing- THANK YOU! ;)

LUVROCKS 09-21-03 09:44 PM

You are most welcome!!!!!!! I'm so glad you like them!!!!!!

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