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elyse1177 10-16-05 08:12 PM

Tacori Setting...
Long story short my engagement ring was stolen in a robbery a few weeks ago. I now have a stone but need a setting. I fell in love with the Tacori style HT 2326
While visiting mom I showed her the ring the only down side is that it is very wide for me and I would prefer the stones to go half way around the ring. The woman in the store said that she could contact Tacori and see about doing that and get me a price. I got home (NY to NV) and went to local shop to inquire about the adjustments and was told. If you want to save money you can go with another brand. I was very upset about this and left now I have nowhere to get this info from. I love this setting but is wide for me I am looking to having it made to about half to three quarters the width. Can anyone help me out....please

ecf8503 10-16-05 08:39 PM

Re: Tacori Setting...
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(I attached a pic of the setting she is talking about.)

Hello Elyse -

Thanks for the question! I think we may be able to help. :)

DBOF (Diamond Brokers of Florida) carries the Tacori line - Jan and Brad post here quite often. I'm sure they'll be able to answer your questions - you may want to PM either of them to make sure they see your questions.

I don't know for sure, but I have been told that Tacori does a lot of "custom" work as much of their work is handmade. Jan and Brad should be able to verify this, as well as give you options in terms of special ordering vs custom, etc. Good luck!

irish 10-16-05 09:54 PM

Re: Tacori Setting...
Hello elyse and welcome to Diamondring.
This is a beautiful ring. If this one is too wide you may not be able to accomplish this look because the band has to be wide enough to hold the stones.
Brad and Jan of DBOF are Network Jewelers and they also carry the Ritani line as well, so I suggest you look in their "Store" linked to DT and look at what they have.
You can also look at Knox Diamonds--I think Brian has some similar settings to the Tacori. He has beautiful things..

irish :shades:

ecf8503 10-16-05 11:15 PM

Re: Tacori Setting...
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Knox! Of course - they do have quite a few very nice Tacori-ish things, and they can also design one for you. Here's a few examples from their site: How about the basket from this first ring with the shank from the second:

Jan 10-17-05 11:22 AM

Re: Tacori Setting...
Yes we can help you as well. Send me an e-mail and I can get you a quote on the ring of your dreams. It is definitely available with 1/2 way around diamonds because we have one of those in stock currently. :)

JamesAllen 10-19-05 12:59 PM

Re: Tacori Setting...
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Here's some similar styles......

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