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didiamond 06-11-04 10:04 PM

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Here are the three rings I posted in the other thread, only better pictures outdoors.

didiamond 06-11-04 10:06 PM

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This is the matching bracelet to the fancy yellow radiant (10.70 ctw plat/22 kt. YG)....

didiamond 06-11-04 10:11 PM

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Here are two more...

RB with oval sides

Emerald with emerald sides

didiamond 06-11-04 10:16 PM

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Here is the other tennis bracelet (shown with the yellow and white bracelet) (6.91 ctw F/G VS/VVS Plat.)...

didiamond 06-11-04 10:19 PM

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Here is the eternity ring with my "right hand" pave ring that I got for Valentines Day (sorry about the swollen fingers..it's VERY humid outside!).....

Loch 06-11-04 10:20 PM


Wow...... Those are beautiful! You're very lucky to have such beautiful jewelry. Feel free to post more pics. ;)

didiamond 06-11-04 10:23 PM

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And the last one is a better pic of my pear....

jewelle 06-11-04 10:26 PM

How do you EVER decide which to wear?????????????? I am so serious. :eek: It would drive me crazy trying to figure out which I should wear at any given time.....too many choices!! :p: (course, I can't even decide what to order off the menu.......... ;) )

But, very beautiful, the most beautiful collection I've seen on DT yet!! Keep the pictures coming!

widget 06-11-04 10:26 PM

WOW :facelick: :facelick: :facelick: :facelick: :facelick:

How do you decide which one to wear??? They are ALL fabulous...but I would KILL for the yellow/white diamond bracelet....I love the combination of plat and gold. I've never seen anything like it...was it custom made??

Thanks for sharing!!


eyecandygirl 06-11-04 10:27 PM

Totally amazing! Really beautiful rings. What are the stats on the pear ring? The pear is my favourite - just like Jessica's.

didiamond 06-11-04 10:29 PM

I know you all are going to think I'm crazy having all of these e-rings. All I can say is that I LOVE e-rings! Actually diamonds in general. Can you tell?! :D

My DH says he's "abused". LOL :wackyman:

Amethyste 06-11-04 10:47 PM

Fabulous collection!

Lol.... I am in the wrong profession! What do you do for a living??!?? I need to change career! ;) Beauties though! Wowza!

I really love your pear ring. I was thinking about having one of these later made with moissanite.... THat's all I can afford doing what I do! ;)

didiamond 06-11-04 10:49 PM

Wow, you all are too quick!

jewelle, to make choosing easier I only keep 2 out of the safe at a time and wear those for a while. Mostly the radiant and the pear. I wear them with a skinny baguette and round channel set band. (I guess I should have taken a pic of that one too!) As far as ordering off the menu, I can't even decide what restaurant I want to go to! Thank you so much for your nice words. It means a lot to me.

widget, thank you. Actually my jeweler had it sitting in his case the day I went in. The first one I saw was smaller and was sold (oh darn!). Luckily my DH said I could have this one. :D It was my Christmas present last year. And a beautiful one at that!

eyecandygirl, thank you. The pear ring specs:

Pear brilliant
14.48 X 8.94 X 4.76
4.01 cts
Depth: 53.2%
table: 54%
Girdle: thin to thick, Faceted
culet: small
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Fair
no flourescence

I'm glad you asked about that because I wanted opinions on the shape of that pear. I was a little iffy about the length of stone, as it is a little longer than I wanted. Do you think it looks okay? It sparkles like crazy indoors and out. I know you can see the bowtie in the picture but normally I can't see it. Please give me feedback on this stone. I don't know if I made the right decision on getting it. The "fair" for symmetry kinda freaked me out too!

amethyste, thanks! I'm just a chauffeur (sp?) for my 13 year old son and my DDH works in the aircraft industry. I know I am extremely lucky that my DDH kinda understands my obsession with diamonds. I haven't seen a moissanite in person but from everything I read here...I would bet it would look the same! :D Or move to South Florida and I'll share mine with you! :D :D

Thanks again!

Sherrie 06-11-04 11:14 PM


It has been a long time since I have seen a thread that has made me want to reply. All I can say is HOLY SMOKE!

Your rings and bracelets are beautiful. May I ask what is your ring size?


orzo 06-11-04 11:24 PM

Love them all!! Especially the pear- if you decide you don't like it you can send it to me!!!! :D

didiamond 06-11-04 11:58 PM

Thanks Sherrie! I wear a 6 1/2 on my left hand and a 7 on my right.

orzo, okay! :D Share and share alike. Thats my motto. I don't even have a daughter to hand them down to. It's very sad to think about.

Jasmin 06-12-04 01:20 AM

Originally posted by didiamond
Or move to South Florida and I'll share mine with you! :D :D

I'm catchin the next plane to South Florida!! :D You have the prettiest collection I have ever seen! I am in love with the pear ring and the emerald cut 3-stone...just stunning! Enjoy them!

keetercat 06-12-04 01:49 AM

OH MY!!!!!! I cant breathe....I have never, and I mean NEVER seen so many beautiful rings. the diamonds all look AWESOME in my opinion. they are bright and so sparkly....I really have no words.

thank you so much for sharing them, I'm so happy for you that you have such a wonderful gorgeous collection. you must have a beautifully sweet husband, that is so wonderful! I dont know what else to say except WOW! :D

now I am going to email my hubby those pics. he actually like stones/diamonds/sapphires etc. and I'm sure he will be speechless over these new pics.

you know, I told myself that if I won the lotto, I wouldnt get a really expensive ring because I would feel guilty over spending that much on a ring.....well screw that! :lildev: if I win the lotto I'm buying one! my hubby said I could get one if we had the $. if I am ever in that kind of position I will take him up on his offer! I will be dreaming of diamonds tonight... seriously, my heartrate actually went up looking at those pics! :D :facelick: :facelick: :facelick:

andreayung23 06-12-04 02:15 AM

What a gorgeous collection. Congrats on having such a wonderful DDH who understands our *sickness* :D

By the way...I'm only 21...do you want to adopt me as your daughter? I'll be a really good one! ;)

headlight 06-12-04 02:39 AM

The most beautiful rings I have ever seen... PERIOD!

Thank you so much for sharing.

All absolutely yummy, delicious :D

kellysobin 06-12-04 03:10 AM


Amazing collection,
I especially love the fancy yellow radiant, is it from Diamonds by Lauren?

MsDiamondLil 06-12-04 07:50 AM

Wow, Diane! I have not been posting as much lately, but I had to respond to this. Your rings are absolutely beautiful. I'm a pear lover myself, and yours truly made my heart go pitter-pat!

As far as the proportions on the pear, I think it is awsome! I own a pear myself with a slightly longer l/w ratio (1.67:1), and I had the same undecided feelings about it. My preference is about 1.55:1 to 1.60:1. Having your center pear flanked by pears on the sides I think also helps to visually widen the center portion of your stone. Your excellent photo also proves that you need to see a fancy shape in person to judge it. With a depth of 53.2, you pear is much more brilliant that I would have guessed by looking at the number on paper -- and an E color to boot (I'm a color freak). No question one of the most beautiful pears I've evern seen!!! :facelick:

Wear your entire collection in good health.


TnTWalter 06-12-04 08:15 AM

Wowza Wowza Wowza!!!!!!
That woke me up. Forget the coffee. Lucky Lucky Lady. Do you ever wear them all at the same time just for fun? ;o) Thanks for sharing. Wear them in much happiness!!

finerthings 06-12-04 09:16 AM

OMG just breathtaking!!!! You have exquisite taste in jewelry. Heck, I'm 46, but can I be your adopted daughter? :D Actually I'm in the same boat as you with no daughters to inherit my beautiful jewels. I hope my sons marry wonderful wives!

widget 06-12-04 09:29 AM

I woke up this morning thinking about your jewelry!! What's amazing about it is that each piece is exceptionly lovely.. I even love your RB ring (my least favorite cut)...there is something so special about matching it with ovals!!

OK...what else do you have in your collection..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share more!! Any colored stones? Earrings? Necklaces?



Ginger7 06-12-04 11:38 AM

didiamond, thanks for taking the time to take all those pictures for us!!

Your collection is exceptional! You have such great taste!! I'm so in love with the canary tennis bracelet, and paired with the matching ring, it's just breathtaking!

Absolutely gorgeous! Was one of these your original engagement ring? I'm just curious :)

keetercat 06-12-04 11:50 AM

hey di-
my computer even had a fit over your jewelry!
when I emailed my hubby the pics of your jewelry, it was a lot of data to send and my computer locked up on me and kept saying "sending message".
well it took about 4 hours for it to quit! I shut it off, did everything I could think of and it wouldnt stop! when it finally did, my hubby emailed me back and says "yes, I got your email, all 15 of them!" :p:
my computer decided to just keep sending them, over and over! maybe it was trying to tell him something. :p:

Jasmin 06-12-04 01:29 PM

Originally posted by didiamond
Actually my jeweler had it sitting in his case the day I went in.

didiamond, did all these pieces come from this same jeweler? Man, I would love to visit THAT store! I can't even imagine walking into a store around my area that would just have a piece like that sitting in his case...yummy!

susi 06-12-04 02:42 PM

didiamond, Welcome... and thank you for sending pics of your stunning diamond family. I have looked them over several times and have enjoyed it so much!

Like children, how could one pick a favorite?? I think, to me, it would be the RB with those lovely ovals.

As you have the time please continue to send more pics...we'll never tire of seeing them :)

crownoflaurel 06-12-04 03:19 PM

i don't know if there's really anything to add, but you are a very lucky lady with excellent taste. i love them all, but the emerald cut three stone was the one that really got my attention.

didiamond 06-12-04 04:30 PM

You ALL are sooo nice! MY heart skipped a beat with all of these replies. I am so glad I found this site and can share my collection with you. You've made my weekend brighter! Thank you so much to each and every one of you!! :D

Now, to answer your questions (oh boy, here we go)...

keetercat, that is too funny about emailing the pics to your hubby. I can't believe it kept sending them! It must mean that getting a larger diamond is "meant to be", otherwise it wouldn't have sent them at all! :D :D

andreayung and finerthings, should I pass out applications for adoption? It doesn't have to be a daughter, a sister will do! Okay, 2 sisters but you would have to be willing to share.

kellysobin, no they are not from DBL although David's gems are stunning!

msdiamondLil, thank you for your feedback about the pear. I had the same feeling about the side pears helping to "widen" the center stone. I knew that the depth was a little short but I couldn't get over the sparkliness (is that a word?) of the stone. I know you have to "give and take" in the world of diamonds but I'm still questioning my decision. Maybe it's because I had it set "medium" high instead of low. I don't know. Sometimes I think that the side pears should be a little more angled down so as not to seem as though the pear was "flying". And MAYBE (and my hubby will agree!) I just think too much! LOL

TntWalter, nope I just wear one at a time. My hand would drop to the ground if I had all of them on! Actually, on occasion I will wear two of them if we're going somewhere nice but only if the hubby is there to protect me!

widget, MORE? Do you really think that I have more? Okay, twist my arm. Please, please don't think I'm crazy. I do have a few more pieces that I inherited from my MIL. I just thought I would freak everyone out as it was with what I posted. It's not sunny out today so give me a few days to get them posted.

ginger, I knew the question about the original would come up. The answer is no. I started out 18 years ago with a 1.01 RB that belonged to my MIL. When we asked her about upgrading it, her reply was "Go for it! The bigger the better!" It took me a LONG to get to these rings. I always thought that 3 cts was TOO BIG. I guess I matured! :D The pear ring is the upgraded, upgraded, upgraded, etc. e-ring. All of the others were extremely generous bonuses from my DDH!

jasmin, yes they are all from the same jeweler. Actually, his store is small but he definately has a variety of jewels. And if he doesn't have it then he can get it or make it. He's a great guy to work with. We sometimes go to Vegas with him when there is a jewelry show. I don't get to go to the show but it's fun to hang out with him and his buyer.

susi, I like that..my diamond family. Too cute! And your right I can't pick a favorite. I try to give them "equal" time! LOL

Whew...I hope I didn't leave any questions unanswered. Thank you again for being so kind. It is so much fun to talk about jewelry and diamonds on DT! :banana:

AGSHF 06-12-04 04:57 PM

Hi didiamond,

I have to add my voice to the chorus of stunned :) appreciation for the collection of jewels you have. You are very fortunate to have the luxury of enjoying these beauties!

Your pieces are all classics and I suspect that you wear them well, no matter the occasion. I know what it's like to be a "chauffeur," as that's my present occupation for my daughter as well, and we all deserve bonuses for our devotion to our jobs. :)

I eagerly look forward to seeing what else you have to share with us. Wear them all in great health!

widget 06-12-04 05:12 PM

GOODY GOODY GOODY!!!! I can't wait to see what else, you've got!

This thread has gotten me to thinking about what a great place DiamondTalk is!! Out in the real world, one can't talk about, obsess about, and 'show off' one's treasures...I can't, anyway.
When I get a new piece, I don't share my excitement with anyone...I'm sort of embarrassed about my "extravagance".(sp?). Here, talking and sharing is strongly incouraged and greatly appreciated!!

Thanks, again, Didiamond!!

assoverteacups 06-12-04 05:53 PM

absolutly stunning!

Sherrie 06-12-04 05:56 PM


If you are taking request, I want more pictures of your RB stone. :facelick: Truly amazing!!!!!!

trific 06-12-04 06:02 PM

For the first, and likely only, time in my life I am completely and utterly SPEECHLESS!!! They're simply too delicious for words.......... I want to meet your husband and can he come to Michigan and talk to my soon to be fiance about the importance of large and beautiful sparklies???? :facelick:

mtorres00 06-12-04 06:50 PM


luvmysquatchy 06-12-04 08:38 PM

OOOooOOoOoOOoOoooOOoooo!! !!!!! :D :D :D

Sparkly and beautiful!!

luvnjewelry 06-12-04 09:16 PM

I came upon this thread and I have to say.WWWWWWWWWWWoooooooooo oooWWWWW!!! They all took my breath away!! I am also amazed at how many you have and the carat weights,etc... I find it hard to believe that the pear diamond ring is "fair" in symmetry. I would never have said that and it just goes to show you that you can't go by a piece of paper all the time....you have to see it with your eyes. It is stunning! Love all the sparklies!!....O.k. I am done...I am going back to the first post to look and drool :facelick: again!!!! Ha-ha, Ronda

Shay37 06-12-04 09:44 PM

First of all, Diane, you need to warn people with a disclaimer on your thread that what we will see when we open your post will likely cause heart palpitations, so we can be appropriately medicated. :D What a beautiful collection of sparklies. Yes, we do want to see the whole thing. This is the one place you will find that people do not get jealous or catty over what you have; we are just thrilled to know that there is hope for our DH's or SO's. LOL My DH is so not about the sparklies. ...sigh... Oh, well. Maybe your husband can e-mail all of ours about the importance on a lasting marriage of all the sparklies you can carry and then some. (Shay says with tongue firmly in cheek)

Yes, he's obviously a wonderful man because you're his "sparkly girl." (Behind every great man is an even greater woman picking up his undies) LOL Congrats on your 18 years together and wishing you many, many more.


Amethyste 06-12-04 09:52 PM

I love love love the pear ring. I ALWAYS wanted a pear like that.
Maybe one day? grin... A girl can dream! :)

Jasmin 06-12-04 10:00 PM

Originally posted by didiamond

jasmin, yes they are all from the same jeweler. Actually, his store is small but he definately has a variety of jewels. And if he doesn't have it then he can get it or make it. He's a great guy to work with. We sometimes go to Vegas with him when there is a jewelry show. I don't get to go to the show but it's fun to hang out with him and his buyer.


Oh you lucky lucky gal! I would love to go to the Vegas jewelry shows and "hang" with the guys!! Also you are lucky to have a great personal jeweler, it is so important to have a jeweler that you have built a good relationship with isnt it? I have a personal jeweler that I use too and makes life so much easier when you want something as he knows my taste and what or how I want something done...

mira 06-12-04 10:58 PM

let me me the next in line to say WOW that is a gorgeous collection! The thing that I think everyone is responding to, is the fact that - even though this is quite a "honker" collection - every piece is in exceptionally good taste. Any person with money can buy a honker, but your collection displays more than mere affluence - good for you!

didiamond 06-13-04 12:12 PM

Thanks again everybody! You all can really keep a smile on a girl's face! :D

(Can someone tell me how to do quotes with just a portion of the text? I just can't seem to figure it out. I tried searching for a thread about it and ended up reading a 28 page thread on another subject for HOURS AND HOURS yesterday!! I never did find anything. Thanks!)

widget, I know exactly how you feel. That's why I'm enjoying DT sooo much!

sherrie, request noted! :)

trific, my DH thought that was soo funny! He thinks that he should send a mass emailing to all DHs and BFs!!

shay, thanks so much!! My hubby is pretty good at sparklie talk with DHs. I've seen it happen! How? I don't know but it worked! She ended up with a 2 ct. radiant cut and a 4 ct. tennis bracelet and this guy absolutely DID NOT believe in buying expensive jewelry!

amethyste, dreams DO come true! :D

Thanks everyone for your kind, kind words!

MsDiamondLil 06-13-04 01:12 PM

Okay, Diane, I'm still drooling over that pear!! I even *made* my husband look at it, and of course I got the usual response: "Very nice." Ugh!!!! :mad: Well, I guess I'm still lucky. He does let me buy a few nice sparklies now and again.

The next time you get your camera out, can you take some side shots so I can see the height and the type of head the center pear is mounted in? I am having a custom setting made for my pear, and I have not finalized the head yet -- basket or crown style.


Jasmin 06-13-04 01:45 PM

Originally posted by didiamond

(Can someone tell me how to do quotes with just a portion of the text? I just can't seem to figure it out. I tried searching for a thread about it and ended up reading a 28 page thread on another subject for HOURS AND HOURS yesterday!! I never did find anything. Thanks!)

Hi! How I do it is I hit the "quote" button on the post you want to quote on, then I delete the info not relevant to what I want to reply to, and then type in your message after the end of the quote marks...does that make sense? you can practice on my post if you want, just hit the "quote" button on this post and try it! have fun!

widget 06-13-04 02:03 PM

Originally posted by Jasmin
you can practice on my post if you want, just hit the "quote" button on this post and try it! have fun!

Thanks, Jasmin!! I've been wondering that forever!! Go ahead, Didiamond..your turn! :)


didiamond 06-13-04 02:20 PM

Originally posted by Jasmin
Hi! you can practice on my post if you want, just hit the "quote" button on this post and try it! have fun!

Cool Jasmin! Okay, that was easy but what happens when you need to do more than one quote in a post? (I promise that's the last question!) If I hit "back" then I lose the quote I already had. Computers are still a mystery to me! :confused:

I'm glad it helped you too widget!

msdiamondlil, I'm on it!

Amethyste 06-13-04 03:20 PM

Can't wait to see more pics of the pears.
I am drooling in advance....

didiamond 06-13-04 06:02 PM

New Pics....
1 Attachment(s)
Okay, give me a few minutes here to upload these pics. I only know how to do one at a time.

The first one is of the diamond necklace (15+ ctw) and bracelet (around 8 ctw) I inherited from my MIL. (I'm not sure as to the exact ctw on these)...

jewelle 06-13-04 06:05 PM

I'm not moving from this screen!!

didiamond 06-13-04 06:06 PM

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This was my MIL's Tanzanite ring (I think it is around 5-6 cts. and the diamonds are around 4 ctw). It's way to large for me to wear so one day I'd like to reset the Tanzanite, but I don't have a clue as to HOW to set it!

I'm editing this because I found the paperwork on this ring. It is a 7.44 ct Tanzanite with 6.65 ctw diamonds G/H VS1/2. You can't see it in the pic but the diamonds are like a wave around the Tanzanite.

didiamond 06-13-04 06:07 PM

Jewelle, YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!! :p:

Hold on, there is more...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)
This is diamond bangle bracelet my hubby gave me for my b-day a few years ago....

jewelle 06-13-04 06:11 PM

Wow, I guess your MIL didn't have any daughters either!! Looks like she must of thought alot of you though! :)

I can't wait to see what's next. :)

didiamond 06-13-04 06:12 PM

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This was my MIL's favorite ring...an opal from Australia. It's a little dirty but it's set in YG. I'm not a big opal fan.

didiamond 06-13-04 06:23 PM

This is for Amethyste and MsDiamondLil...
1 Attachment(s)
Here are two side views of the pear...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:28 PM

These are for susi and Sherrie...
1 Attachment(s)
Here are a few more pics of the RB...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:29 PM

1 Attachment(s)
and another...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:31 PM

1 Attachment(s)
And last but not least, I thought this looked kinda cool together with the sparkles...

didiamond 06-13-04 06:35 PM

Thanks for being patient Jewelle. No daughters for my MIL either. We both ended up with one son. She was an absolute brilliant and charming woman. I can't say enough about her. :)

I tried for pics of earrings but they didn't come out.

didiamond 06-13-04 06:43 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here is one more that I forgot of the pear...(I promise, NO MORE) :D

Sherrie 06-13-04 07:01 PM


Thank you for granting my request. I immediately saved the picture under my favorite rings folder. You and your husband have amazing taste.

finerthings 06-13-04 07:02 PM

Diane! You are killing me!!! Your jewels are incredible. Thank you so very much for sharing!!! :facelick:

widget 06-13-04 07:22 PM

Oh, thank you! We could look at your pictures ALL DAY LONG, and still beg for more! :p:

I just love opals, and yours is beautiful...I just like staring at them sort of like at a hologram or a kolidascope (sp?)..always changing. Maybe they're better unmounted (like a "worry bead") than worn!

Maybe you should let all us envious DTers get a vicarious thrill by "helping" you re-mount the tanzanite. My first thought was to have it made, diamonds and all, into a pendant/pearl enhancer (to wear with the diamond necklace?) Then I looked at it again...it really is a beautiful stone. If it were me, I'd remount it in platinum, maybe bezel set, with one row of TEENSY diamonds around it, east/west (set horizontally). This way would almost be sporty.

I know you didn't ask...but I just love dreaming. For the millionth time, THANK YOU for sharing!!


widget 06-13-04 07:30 PM

Oh, by the way...I have only sons, also. Fortunately, I LOVE my daughters in law! (whew!!)

I don't think the boys think too much of my jewelry fixation and compulsion...but their wives think it's just great !! ;)


MsDiamondLil 06-13-04 08:58 PM

Thank you, Diane. I can't stop staring at that pear. It is so lovely!

That is a beautiful tanzanite -- another stone I have been in love with for many years. :facelick: I have a 3 ct trillion tanzanite with 0.50 ct of princess diamonds on the sides. I've tried to take pictures, but they look so dark. You photography is awsome. Any tips?

Ms DiamondLil

Jasmin 06-13-04 09:11 PM

once again--STUNNING jewelry, thank you so much for sharing, I love the tanzanite ring too, just beautiful! And the diamond necklace and bracelet, OMG! Where do you wear these beauties anyway? Do you and your DH go to fancy functions? I would wear them around the house just cause I could!! With my tiera! Might scare the mailman, but who cares!! :D

dexmom 06-13-04 10:05 PM

What a phenomenal collection. Each piece is absolutely gorgeous.

didiamond 06-13-04 10:43 PM

I'm thrilled that you all like my MIL's collection. I know some of it is rather large, who knows maybe some day I'll get used to it.

Sherrie, I hope it is of some help to you. IMO, I think that it may be mounted a little too high. I'm still debating having it redone in a lower mounting. The same with the RB, something low like headlights new ring.

finerthings, thank you so much!

widget, I think opals are lovely to look at too. I'm just so hard on jewelry that it's not stone I'd be comfortable wearing. I can't even clean it the same way I clean my other stuff. I'm terrified of destroying it!

As for your suggestions on the Tanzanite, thanks! I would love more feedback on that. I really like the idea you had about the east/west look. I never thought of that. I think that stone is too large to wear lengthwise. I'm going to try to find something similar to what you described just to get an idea. Let me know if you see anything like that. Thank you!! :D

That's great that you have 2 wonderful DILs! I can only hope to get the same in the future. I worry about that.

MsDiamondLil, I would LOVE to see how your ring looks! I don't know how I took the pics. I just took pic after pic, deleted the fuzzy ones and prayed that they came out good. Definately outside for me though. My indoor pics didn't come out too good. I think the sunlight helps alot. I'm so glad my neighbors couldn't see what I was doing!

jasmin, thank you! No, we don't go to alot of fancy places so I don't get to wear alot of the pieces very often. I might wear the necklace once or twice a year. I like the idea of wearing it around the house though! LOL But more so, I like the idea of having a tiera! If I only had a place to wear it to. hmmm.....Didn't someone mention a having a DT convention in another thread? Yeah, that's where I could wear it to! :D :D

Thank you dexmom!

You all are so nice that I'm never going to leave this place! Out of curiosity, does anyone ever go to the chatroom?

Jasmin 06-13-04 11:53 PM

Originally posted by didiamond

Out of curiosity, does anyone ever go to the chatroom?

Yes we do, sometimes it helps to get the chats started if you start a new thread asking if anyone wants to chat, and let them know when you will be in there...then everyone kind of joins in! Its fun! :)

susanpdavis 06-14-04 12:27 PM

great fabulous eyecandy!!!
Oooh this is so much fun loooking at all the beautiful jewels, and so very nice of you to share with us, too. !!!
I knew a jeweller who had a pear cut opal, about 2 inches in length, and she had it set with a double row of peridots, in the round shape, surrounding the opal. It was so very stunning. She also had a 7.5 carat rb with 1 carat baugettes on either side of that headlight. Oh and long, really long ropes of black and white pearls, and they were huge pearls. Just great jewellry but it has been years since I saw her but that was what I remember and she was as gracious as the jewels were lovely. I also have a lady friend who had her e ring upgraded. She put the 1.5 marquis on one side, hubby bought her a 3.5 center diamond, marquis cut, and added another 1.5 marquis cut for the other side of the stone. Really huge--his only request was that she wear the ring every day, so she tools around in her suburban with her four cute little boys, they are 8, 6, 4 and 2. Why do all these women with jewels have no daughters. lol. She also has a gold omega watch that she wears with her 9.5 carat tennis bracelet, she got one carat diamond studs for christmas one year and the next year got two carat pear diamond drops for each ear. Two years ago she got ropes of pearls, this last christmas a 42 carat graduated diamond necklace, with the center stone being 4.5 round brilliant and graduated from either side. she says she looks like a christmas tree, but her hubby loves to buy these trinkets for her. She thinks she is done, but I am not so sure. LOL. She is just busy raising those cute little boys. My two cents. Nice to rub shoulders with people who have beautiful things, but are still totally grounded in normal life. Thanks for sharing the sparklies and my fave is the emerald cut---tres chic. Sincerely, Susanp

Lizbeth 06-14-04 12:35 PM


I totally agree with everyone else; you and your DH have great taste in jewellery!! I can honestly say I love EVERYTHING! :D

Thanks for sharing your amazing collection, and keep posting picts! There can never be too many for me! :facelick:

irish 06-14-04 12:46 PM


Amethyste 06-14-04 05:53 PM



THank you for sharing with us :)

sluke 06-14-04 06:59 PM

WOW! All of your rings are gorgeous! I love the 3 stone pears and 3 stone emeralds! Thanks for sharing.

Just curious, do you get lots of stares?

kerda 06-14-04 08:58 PM

Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Green With Envy...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures!

widget 06-14-04 10:41 PM

Hi, Diane:
Regarding your MIL's TANZY. I'm going to try to give you a link to one of my favorite, super-simple, bezel set ring designs in the world. It's going to be a starting point for me if I ever get a world-class opal. As I mentioned before, I think your tanzanite would look fabulous in something like this, mounted east/west. No diamonds, I know, but I suppose some could be designed in. I like the bezel for protection of softer stones.
If my link doesn't work, go to diamonds, jewelry gallery under thread: "DT's E-rings", page 27.



Pouffykitty 06-14-04 11:11 PM

*drool* I think my heart just lept out of my chest cavity and exploded... Beautiful collection!! you should take a picture with ALL your jewelry on! 50+ carats on one hand!!

didiamond 06-15-04 05:51 PM

Again, thank you all for the compliments!! :D :D

jasmin, thanks for the info on the chat room. I'd like to get in there and chat with you all one day. It sounds like fun!

susanp, Wow! Your friend's jewelry sounds dynamite! I would love to see pics of them!! Especially the 42 ct. diamond necklace!! :facelick:

sluke, about stares...yeah, I get some but I'm also the type that turns my rings around depending on where I am so I just stare at them myself!! :D

widget, I like that bezel ring but I think I like the idea about the tiny diamonds surrounding the tanzanite and maybe going down the band. I'm really into the micro-pave settings right now so I'm dying to get one!

pouffykitty, I would do a shot like that but I didn't want to steal maryalaina's idea! I haven't even had the opportunity to speak with her yet about her incredible collection!! I call that the "maryalaina shot".

Thanks again everyone!

tieru 06-15-04 06:08 PM

Diane, I just have to tell you that I will be your sister, your mother, or your daughter any day of the week! What a wonderful collection. My sister is totally opposite from me. She calls me the princess because I always have sparklies on. She wears one white gold necklace and only because I told her I could not return it.

Unlike some of the other DTers, my favorite on page one was the yellow and white diamond ring and bracelet combo. Then I got to page 3 and saw the white necklace and bracelet combo.

Keep up the great photographs!

didiamond 06-15-04 07:16 PM

Thank you and welcome to my itsy-bitsy corner in DT! You made me laugh so hard! :p: Sister will do just fine.

I, DIDIAMOND, hereby bequeth all my worldly sparklies to my sister, TIERU!

Gosh I like having a sister! :D

Ginger7 06-15-04 08:51 PM

Lucky tieru ;)

I just saw the pics of the necklace and my jaw dropped. Diane, you're living the dream! I think you should wear it around the house all the time, it's too pretty to leave in a box somewhere!

Amethyste 06-15-04 09:08 PM

I keep coming back to this thread and drool all over my husband's keyboard.

Di, if you give me the pear ring, the drooling will stop and make my husband happy :).

Margnificent collection!

widget 06-15-04 09:44 PM

Ok, I've taken the pledge. THIS WILL BE MY LAST CONTRIBUTION TO THIS THREAD!! (Well, I'll try, anyway.) :rolleyes:

Right now there are more that 2000 visits to this thread (in 4 days!!), and I think about a thousand of them are mine! (I've got a drooling problem, too, Amethyste!)

I've been thinking: What does Didiamond need? What's missing in her collection? It took me a while, but I've got it!! Pink Diamonds!

Diane: Have you considered teensy tiny PINK diamonds micro pave'ed around your Tanzanite?

Best wishes, Widget...the one who, when she can't spend her own money, does her very very best to help others spend theirs. :p:

tieru 06-16-04 09:00 AM

Thanks Sister Di,

I would bequeath you my 8*, but it is a tiny .37 and not fit to be near your beauties. The niece is only 5, maybe I can train her up right and she will be a future DTer!

tieru 06-16-04 09:01 AM

So when are you coming to visit. Bring some sparklies and we can play dress up :D

born2shop 06-16-04 12:55 PM

Beautiful collections!
You have the most beautiful collection! I love every one of them. You are my hero!

Do you need another sister? I don't have one either...


andreayung23 06-16-04 01:38 PM

holy moly...everytime I come back...it's like heaven on earth! I was thinking the same thing as pouffy...in fact WE ALL should have shots of us with ALL our sparklies on! heheh..

tieru...you lucky duck! When you're done playing with di's jewels...can I rent 'em for an hour or so? pretty please? :D

pinkbow 06-16-04 01:44 PM

Holy Cow!!!! That round is just incredible..... if we all had rings like that there would be no need for DT :D I guess I can keep looking and dreaming... thanks for the eye candy.

sapphirekitty 06-16-04 01:55 PM

WOW!! Very nice collection of ICE!!
Nice ICE!! :D I must say you have very good taste, and one happy jewel box! I'd love to play in your jewellery box! If I had to pick one I don't know which it would be, but I must comment on the Emerald cut, 3 stone ring. That's a beaut! Very classy! And that Tanzanite is very pretty, what perfect colour! Your MIL had great taste too! If I was you, I'd just wear them in the house and out in the back by the pool (I saw in the distance...) and enjoy the sparkly rings in the sunshine. WOW! You are a very lucky lady! Wear them in good health!

didiamond 06-16-04 04:47 PM

Thank you!!
You know, if you guys keep it up I'm not going to be able to fit through the door with my head all swelled up and everything! :eek:

I'm sorry for my long posts but I feel like I need to answer each one of you back. DTers are way too kind...

ginger, I'd be afraid of losing a diamond if I wore it around the house!

amethyste, STOP IT! :D Otherwise your husband is going to ban you from the puter and I just found a new friend!! :D :D

widget, I really never think of different colored diamonds. I kinda have *tunnel vision* for the white. I mean I enjoy seeing jewelry with colored stones but it never makes my heart go pitter-patter. I know, I'm strange! It took me years to decide that I liked the yellow diamond and that's only because my MIL kept talking about it. I guess it kinda helps out the DH since they (colored diamonds) are more expensive! See....saving him money every day!

tieru, that's okay I like diamonds of EVERY SIZE! And I'd love to see an 8*...never saw one or even heard of one until I came here. That's cute about training your niece to be a future DTer but hey she could end up being my DIL one day (although there might be a 8 year age difference)! Stranger things can happen in this world! Dress up will have to wait 10 days as I am leaving for the Bahamas this weekend. But after that, I'm free!! :D

Thank you born2shop and andreayung! :D

pinkbow, there's ALWAYS a need for DT (although I'm just finding that out now!)!!

sapphirekitty, thank you so much! :D

Okay, I think I covered everybody. Again, thank you for your kindness! :D

sapphirekitty 06-16-04 10:27 PM

heehee, I just thought of something...
I"m still lovin' your pretty jewels..and hey, you don't have a pink one, how about a pink pear shape? Or a radiant cut! Wouldn't that be lovely? I think that would look nice on you. Or, if I could go real wild in fantasy land here, I'd love a champagne diamond ring. Or, an eternity band with alternating champagne and white, would you like that?

ps. My hubby here is working in the Aircraft Industry....are they hiring in Florida? I love Florida! I'd move there faster than a bunny can twitch his nose! I may start packing....right now!

Amethyste 06-16-04 11:03 PM

You seem like a VERY sweet and kind person. No wonder why your husband enjoys to "frost" yourself with such delightful and tasteful jewelry.
I want to be like you when I grow up ;)

widget 06-16-04 11:39 PM

Re: heehee, I just thought of something...
[QUOTE]Originally posted by sapphirekitty
[B]I"m still lovin' your pretty jewels..and hey, you don't have a pink one, how about a pink pear shape? Or a radiant cut! Wouldn't that be lovely?

And so it begins....all of diamond talk is going to start dreaming up ways for Diane's poor sweet husband to part with more money!! :p:

Is this called "enabling?"

(I know I took a pledge...so shoot me!)

Pouffykitty 06-17-04 01:02 AM

I believe i speak for everyone when i ask for a picture of ALL your sparklies in one shot! preferably next to an apple or orange so we can see the size relations? Please?!?!? :D :D :D

eyecandygirl 06-17-04 06:12 AM

Come on, Diane, think of all the smiles you'll put on our faces. Do the Mary-Alaina thing!

didiamond 06-17-04 09:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Thanks again everybody! :D

sapphirekitty, I don't know about champagne diamonds but I DO like champagne! :p: Actually, I am interested in getting an alternating yellow and white eternity ring to go with my yellow radiant. I just gave hubby a picture of it the other day. This is what he looked like :rolleyes: ! Imagine that!! I'll try to post a photo of it (if I can figure out how to downsize it).

amethyste, GROW UP? Heck, I haven't grown up yet!!! :D

widget, my hubby says he doesn't need any MORE help spending his money. I'm more than he can handle! LOL But by all means, help enable me!! (Don't worry widget, it wasn't a girlscout pledge so it doesn't count ;))

pouffykitty and eyecandygirl, okay, okay but YOU tell maryalaina that YOU MADE ME DO IT! lol

I'm heading out of town tomorrow so when I get back I'll do it! Okay?! okay.

Hey, I'm going to miss all my new friends. :( I'll catch up with you in about 10 days!

Thanks again for all the nice words. Man, you guys are the BEST!

widget 06-17-04 10:27 PM

oooh ooooh oooh....I LOVE the yellow/white band to go with the ring and bracelet..SO MUCH BETTER an idea than any of my silly thoughts!

Diane...you don't NEED any enabling!!!! :p:


PS: Have a nice trip, we'll miss you! (Thank heavens you're leaving your photos behind!

Jasmin 06-17-04 10:45 PM

ahhhhh.... :facelick: I love that eternity band, but I am such a sucker for eternity bands! love the combo of yellow and white together. I really really want a canary diamond someday soon, I would love to have some little yellow princess studs (like the ones David has on his Ebay site) to wear in my second hole in my ear. I already have 2cttw diamond studs, round, and think the little yellow princess ones would look so cute!

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