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Itbit 06-18-04 12:50 AM

didiamond, your jewels are incredibly beautiful!
And, I love that opal ring, too. I'm a big opal fan and that stone is a fine one.
Your diamonds look very well cut, great clarity too----very, very nice!

luvnjewelry 06-18-04 09:46 AM

Oooh I love that yellow and white diamond eternity band! I would love to have one in pink and white diamonds to go with my cushion cut diamond ring. Wishful thinking!!! Have a good trip, Ronda

tieru 06-18-04 11:11 AM

Perfect, It will go with the bracelet and 3 stone ring I am inheriting :D

Have fun on vacation, know that we will miss you, and bring back pictures of sparklies that you see (or buy) on your trip!

babyrocks 06-20-04 09:00 PM

What a wonderful collection! thanks for sharing.

Amethyste 06-20-04 11:07 PM

If you ever get bored, I would love love love to see pics of your pear
ring on your finger... Can you see that I am obssessed with it? :D THank you in advance!

MsDiamondLil 06-21-04 08:31 AM

Me too! :facelick:


PattyC 06-26-04 07:34 PM

Wow, I also just found this thread. You have GREAT taste, Diane. I'm in awe, like everyone else who has posted here. You go, girl!

newfacets 06-27-04 03:34 PM

Diane, your jewels are simply gorgeous!

Ever thought of posting a single photo of all of your sparklies? I'd love to see it. I promise I'll wear my sunglasses!

LauraElizabeth 07-09-04 01:15 AM

I know you have so many posts, but I had to say something. You're rings are gorgeous. The yellow diamond is my favorite. I love those. Also love your pair. I prefer them more fat at the bottom, but it looks awesome.

I hope I can be like you someday :)

susi 07-09-04 07:48 AM

Diane, thank you (!!) for posting the extra pics of your stunning RB! I love it and always enjoy seeing the mounts.

One question....have you ever put on every piece all at once? Like a little girl playing dress up? except this would be ultra dress up like going to a coronation :D

TickledPink 07-09-04 10:08 AM

Diane, I can only agree with everyone who has posted. Your collection is absolutely wonderful. I have to say my favorite is the RB with oval sides. What a stunner!!!

didiamond 07-09-04 12:27 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Again, THANK YOU everyone for your incredibly kind words! I'm sorry it took so long to reply but I was on a mini vacation and then had a baseball tournament for my son.

To those that requested for a "maryalaina shot", I promise to do that as soon as I can (now that I have her okay! :D ).

maryalaina, I went to your website and I have to say that I love your collection as well. It seems that we have more in common than just jewels. I am also into cars and my kitty looks like yours too!! :D I'm glad you're back from your Europe vacation and hope to talk you to more in the future.

I'm very surprised by the response to my RB with ovals. I have never been overly thrilled with it as I didn't think the ovals did much for the center stone. I have been searching for the perfect (although I don't think there is a "perfect" setting for me!) setting for it. As I've mentioned in other posts, I adore headlight's new ring! I also found another setting somewhere in here that is so simple with a beautiful low basket. I'll try to post that photo.

Thanks again for the lovely compliments!

TickledPink 07-13-04 09:00 AM

That setting is lovely and it would definitely showcase your RB. It would be different than your other three stone designs. Cant wait to see what you decide on.

widget 07-13-04 09:17 AM

Oh, Diane...are you SURE you want to undo the RB with ovals??? :( The setting you posted is lovely, but....

What about using that setting as a starting place for resetting the tanzanite?

Don't mind me... I seem to have fallen so much in love with your collection that it almost feels like you need to check with me for permission before you mess with it!! :p:

By the way...didn't you say you had a 40th birthday coming up? Congratulations! Any sparkly surprises?

Yours Enviously,

didiamond 07-13-04 10:14 PM

Thanks Kellie. I just think that a simple setting like that will "showcase" the center stone. I don't know. I've been thinking about it for so long that my head hurts!! :sigh2:

widget, you are so cute! You crack me up! I feel the same way too! :D It's almost like I need to pass it by DTers before I do anything. Crazy, huh? I think this will work out better for my hubby so I don't have to go to him until I know EXACTLY what I want. He'll appreciate that, right? ;) (He just doesn't realize that he's in more trouble than ever before!!!)

As for the ring. I don't know what to do. I've been tossing around ideas far too long. I'm always up for new ideas though so BRING 'EM ON!!!

The b-day is tomorrow so I'll let you know if there are any new sparklies!

tieru 07-14-04 01:14 PM

Happy Birthday Dididiamond!
So did you get anything good for your Birthday? We love pictures :D

widget 07-14-04 01:24 PM

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y...D I D I A M O N D ! ! ! ! !

I hope you're not suffering turning the big 4 0...trust me...you're just a baby! ;)


luvnjewelry 07-14-04 01:28 PM

Happy 40th!...we are all in anticipation of what you received for such a landmark birthday!!! :D ...I will be turning 40 in a year...glad to know that we are still "just babies"!!! ;) ~Ronda

didiamond 07-14-04 02:54 PM

Hi Tieru, widget, and luvnjewelry! So far nothing yet. I told him this morning that everyone wanted to know how he was going to "out do" last year's gift (a Mercedes CL500) but he just laughed at me and left for work! I guess I'll have to let you all know later.

A-n-t-i-p-a-t-i-o-n! It's killing me! I don't know what I'm expecting but it's killin' me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tieru 07-14-04 09:10 PM

Anticipation, Anticipation is making me wait...is keeping me wa..aa..aating (Everybody sing along)

Itbit 07-15-04 12:44 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Happy Birthday!!

keetercat 07-15-04 06:04 AM

well, I'm late! happy birthday!!! :)
you are such a sweetheart, I look forward to many more posts from you!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday and got to spend it doing what makes you happiest. :)

newfacets 07-19-04 05:13 PM

Diane, you're keeping us in suspense! Can't wait to see the new photos of all your fabulous jewelry!

redraider 07-25-04 01:20 PM


Where did you find that setting? I've been looking for a low profile basket setting. It's beautiful!


didiamond 07-25-04 01:58 PM

Hayley, I found that RB picture a thread but I can't remember what the website was. If I can remember it, I promise I'll let you know. Isn't it beautiful though?! I love that basket setting. Dang, I'm going to lose sleep over this....... :rolleyes:

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