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sluke 06-14-04 06:59 PM

WOW! All of your rings are gorgeous! I love the 3 stone pears and 3 stone emeralds! Thanks for sharing.

Just curious, do you get lots of stares?

kerda 06-14-04 08:58 PM

Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Green With Envy...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures!

widget 06-14-04 10:41 PM

Hi, Diane:
Regarding your MIL's TANZY. I'm going to try to give you a link to one of my favorite, super-simple, bezel set ring designs in the world. It's going to be a starting point for me if I ever get a world-class opal. As I mentioned before, I think your tanzanite would look fabulous in something like this, mounted east/west. No diamonds, I know, but I suppose some could be designed in. I like the bezel for protection of softer stones.
If my link doesn't work, go to diamonds, jewelry gallery under thread: "DT's E-rings", page 27.



Pouffykitty 06-14-04 11:11 PM

*drool* I think my heart just lept out of my chest cavity and exploded... Beautiful collection!! you should take a picture with ALL your jewelry on! 50+ carats on one hand!!

didiamond 06-15-04 05:51 PM

Again, thank you all for the compliments!! :D :D

jasmin, thanks for the info on the chat room. I'd like to get in there and chat with you all one day. It sounds like fun!

susanp, Wow! Your friend's jewelry sounds dynamite! I would love to see pics of them!! Especially the 42 ct. diamond necklace!! :facelick:

sluke, about stares...yeah, I get some but I'm also the type that turns my rings around depending on where I am so I just stare at them myself!! :D

widget, I like that bezel ring but I think I like the idea about the tiny diamonds surrounding the tanzanite and maybe going down the band. I'm really into the micro-pave settings right now so I'm dying to get one!

pouffykitty, I would do a shot like that but I didn't want to steal maryalaina's idea! I haven't even had the opportunity to speak with her yet about her incredible collection!! I call that the "maryalaina shot".

Thanks again everyone!

tieru 06-15-04 06:08 PM

Diane, I just have to tell you that I will be your sister, your mother, or your daughter any day of the week! What a wonderful collection. My sister is totally opposite from me. She calls me the princess because I always have sparklies on. She wears one white gold necklace and only because I told her I could not return it.

Unlike some of the other DTers, my favorite on page one was the yellow and white diamond ring and bracelet combo. Then I got to page 3 and saw the white necklace and bracelet combo.

Keep up the great photographs!

didiamond 06-15-04 07:16 PM

Thank you and welcome to my itsy-bitsy corner in DT! You made me laugh so hard! :p: Sister will do just fine.

I, DIDIAMOND, hereby bequeth all my worldly sparklies to my sister, TIERU!

Gosh I like having a sister! :D

Ginger7 06-15-04 08:51 PM

Lucky tieru ;)

I just saw the pics of the necklace and my jaw dropped. Diane, you're living the dream! I think you should wear it around the house all the time, it's too pretty to leave in a box somewhere!

Amethyste 06-15-04 09:08 PM

I keep coming back to this thread and drool all over my husband's keyboard.

Di, if you give me the pear ring, the drooling will stop and make my husband happy :).

Margnificent collection!

widget 06-15-04 09:44 PM

Ok, I've taken the pledge. THIS WILL BE MY LAST CONTRIBUTION TO THIS THREAD!! (Well, I'll try, anyway.) :rolleyes:

Right now there are more that 2000 visits to this thread (in 4 days!!), and I think about a thousand of them are mine! (I've got a drooling problem, too, Amethyste!)

I've been thinking: What does Didiamond need? What's missing in her collection? It took me a while, but I've got it!! Pink Diamonds!

Diane: Have you considered teensy tiny PINK diamonds micro pave'ed around your Tanzanite?

Best wishes, Widget...the one who, when she can't spend her own money, does her very very best to help others spend theirs. :p:

tieru 06-16-04 09:00 AM

Thanks Sister Di,

I would bequeath you my 8*, but it is a tiny .37 and not fit to be near your beauties. The niece is only 5, maybe I can train her up right and she will be a future DTer!

tieru 06-16-04 09:01 AM

So when are you coming to visit. Bring some sparklies and we can play dress up :D

born2shop 06-16-04 12:55 PM

Beautiful collections!
You have the most beautiful collection! I love every one of them. You are my hero!

Do you need another sister? I don't have one either...


andreayung23 06-16-04 01:38 PM

holy moly...everytime I come back...it's like heaven on earth! I was thinking the same thing as pouffy...in fact WE ALL should have shots of us with ALL our sparklies on! heheh..

tieru...you lucky duck! When you're done playing with di's jewels...can I rent 'em for an hour or so? pretty please? :D

pinkbow 06-16-04 01:44 PM

Holy Cow!!!! That round is just incredible..... if we all had rings like that there would be no need for DT :D I guess I can keep looking and dreaming... thanks for the eye candy.

sapphirekitty 06-16-04 01:55 PM

WOW!! Very nice collection of ICE!!
Nice ICE!! :D I must say you have very good taste, and one happy jewel box! I'd love to play in your jewellery box! If I had to pick one I don't know which it would be, but I must comment on the Emerald cut, 3 stone ring. That's a beaut! Very classy! And that Tanzanite is very pretty, what perfect colour! Your MIL had great taste too! If I was you, I'd just wear them in the house and out in the back by the pool (I saw in the distance...) and enjoy the sparkly rings in the sunshine. WOW! You are a very lucky lady! Wear them in good health!

didiamond 06-16-04 04:47 PM

Thank you!!
You know, if you guys keep it up I'm not going to be able to fit through the door with my head all swelled up and everything! :eek:

I'm sorry for my long posts but I feel like I need to answer each one of you back. DTers are way too kind...

ginger, I'd be afraid of losing a diamond if I wore it around the house!

amethyste, STOP IT! :D Otherwise your husband is going to ban you from the puter and I just found a new friend!! :D :D

widget, I really never think of different colored diamonds. I kinda have *tunnel vision* for the white. I mean I enjoy seeing jewelry with colored stones but it never makes my heart go pitter-patter. I know, I'm strange! It took me years to decide that I liked the yellow diamond and that's only because my MIL kept talking about it. I guess it kinda helps out the DH since they (colored diamonds) are more expensive! See....saving him money every day!

tieru, that's okay I like diamonds of EVERY SIZE! And I'd love to see an 8*...never saw one or even heard of one until I came here. That's cute about training your niece to be a future DTer but hey she could end up being my DIL one day (although there might be a 8 year age difference)! Stranger things can happen in this world! Dress up will have to wait 10 days as I am leaving for the Bahamas this weekend. But after that, I'm free!! :D

Thank you born2shop and andreayung! :D

pinkbow, there's ALWAYS a need for DT (although I'm just finding that out now!)!!

sapphirekitty, thank you so much! :D

Okay, I think I covered everybody. Again, thank you for your kindness! :D

sapphirekitty 06-16-04 10:27 PM

heehee, I just thought of something...
I"m still lovin' your pretty jewels..and hey, you don't have a pink one, how about a pink pear shape? Or a radiant cut! Wouldn't that be lovely? I think that would look nice on you. Or, if I could go real wild in fantasy land here, I'd love a champagne diamond ring. Or, an eternity band with alternating champagne and white, would you like that?

ps. My hubby here is working in the Aircraft Industry....are they hiring in Florida? I love Florida! I'd move there faster than a bunny can twitch his nose! I may start packing....right now!

Amethyste 06-16-04 11:03 PM

You seem like a VERY sweet and kind person. No wonder why your husband enjoys to "frost" yourself with such delightful and tasteful jewelry.
I want to be like you when I grow up ;)

widget 06-16-04 11:39 PM

Re: heehee, I just thought of something...
[QUOTE]Originally posted by sapphirekitty
[B]I"m still lovin' your pretty jewels..and hey, you don't have a pink one, how about a pink pear shape? Or a radiant cut! Wouldn't that be lovely?

And so it begins....all of diamond talk is going to start dreaming up ways for Diane's poor sweet husband to part with more money!! :p:

Is this called "enabling?"

(I know I took a pledge...so shoot me!)

Pouffykitty 06-17-04 01:02 AM

I believe i speak for everyone when i ask for a picture of ALL your sparklies in one shot! preferably next to an apple or orange so we can see the size relations? Please?!?!? :D :D :D

eyecandygirl 06-17-04 06:12 AM

Come on, Diane, think of all the smiles you'll put on our faces. Do the Mary-Alaina thing!

didiamond 06-17-04 09:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Thanks again everybody! :D

sapphirekitty, I don't know about champagne diamonds but I DO like champagne! :p: Actually, I am interested in getting an alternating yellow and white eternity ring to go with my yellow radiant. I just gave hubby a picture of it the other day. This is what he looked like :rolleyes: ! Imagine that!! I'll try to post a photo of it (if I can figure out how to downsize it).

amethyste, GROW UP? Heck, I haven't grown up yet!!! :D

widget, my hubby says he doesn't need any MORE help spending his money. I'm more than he can handle! LOL But by all means, help enable me!! (Don't worry widget, it wasn't a girlscout pledge so it doesn't count ;))

pouffykitty and eyecandygirl, okay, okay but YOU tell maryalaina that YOU MADE ME DO IT! lol

I'm heading out of town tomorrow so when I get back I'll do it! Okay?! okay.

Hey, I'm going to miss all my new friends. :( I'll catch up with you in about 10 days!

Thanks again for all the nice words. Man, you guys are the BEST!

widget 06-17-04 10:27 PM

oooh ooooh oooh....I LOVE the yellow/white band to go with the ring and bracelet..SO MUCH BETTER an idea than any of my silly thoughts!

Diane...you don't NEED any enabling!!!! :p:


PS: Have a nice trip, we'll miss you! (Thank heavens you're leaving your photos behind!

Jasmin 06-17-04 10:45 PM

ahhhhh.... :facelick: I love that eternity band, but I am such a sucker for eternity bands! love the combo of yellow and white together. I really really want a canary diamond someday soon, I would love to have some little yellow princess studs (like the ones David has on his Ebay site) to wear in my second hole in my ear. I already have 2cttw diamond studs, round, and think the little yellow princess ones would look so cute!

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