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didiamond 06-11-04 10:04 PM

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Here are the three rings I posted in the other thread, only better pictures outdoors.

didiamond 06-11-04 10:06 PM

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This is the matching bracelet to the fancy yellow radiant (10.70 ctw plat/22 kt. YG)....

didiamond 06-11-04 10:11 PM

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Here are two more...

RB with oval sides

Emerald with emerald sides

didiamond 06-11-04 10:16 PM

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Here is the other tennis bracelet (shown with the yellow and white bracelet) (6.91 ctw F/G VS/VVS Plat.)...

didiamond 06-11-04 10:19 PM

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Here is the eternity ring with my "right hand" pave ring that I got for Valentines Day (sorry about the swollen fingers..it's VERY humid outside!).....

Loch 06-11-04 10:20 PM


Wow...... Those are beautiful! You're very lucky to have such beautiful jewelry. Feel free to post more pics. ;)

didiamond 06-11-04 10:23 PM

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And the last one is a better pic of my pear....

jewelle 06-11-04 10:26 PM

How do you EVER decide which to wear?????????????? I am so serious. :eek: It would drive me crazy trying to figure out which I should wear at any given time.....too many choices!! :p: (course, I can't even decide what to order off the menu.......... ;) )

But, very beautiful, the most beautiful collection I've seen on DT yet!! Keep the pictures coming!

widget 06-11-04 10:26 PM

WOW :facelick: :facelick: :facelick: :facelick: :facelick:

How do you decide which one to wear??? They are ALL fabulous...but I would KILL for the yellow/white diamond bracelet....I love the combination of plat and gold. I've never seen anything like it...was it custom made??

Thanks for sharing!!


eyecandygirl 06-11-04 10:27 PM

Totally amazing! Really beautiful rings. What are the stats on the pear ring? The pear is my favourite - just like Jessica's.

didiamond 06-11-04 10:29 PM

I know you all are going to think I'm crazy having all of these e-rings. All I can say is that I LOVE e-rings! Actually diamonds in general. Can you tell?! :D

My DH says he's "abused". LOL :wackyman:

Amethyste 06-11-04 10:47 PM

Fabulous collection!

Lol.... I am in the wrong profession! What do you do for a living??!?? I need to change career! ;) Beauties though! Wowza!

I really love your pear ring. I was thinking about having one of these later made with moissanite.... THat's all I can afford doing what I do! ;)

didiamond 06-11-04 10:49 PM

Wow, you all are too quick!

jewelle, to make choosing easier I only keep 2 out of the safe at a time and wear those for a while. Mostly the radiant and the pear. I wear them with a skinny baguette and round channel set band. (I guess I should have taken a pic of that one too!) As far as ordering off the menu, I can't even decide what restaurant I want to go to! Thank you so much for your nice words. It means a lot to me.

widget, thank you. Actually my jeweler had it sitting in his case the day I went in. The first one I saw was smaller and was sold (oh darn!). Luckily my DH said I could have this one. :D It was my Christmas present last year. And a beautiful one at that!

eyecandygirl, thank you. The pear ring specs:

Pear brilliant
14.48 X 8.94 X 4.76
4.01 cts
Depth: 53.2%
table: 54%
Girdle: thin to thick, Faceted
culet: small
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Fair
no flourescence

I'm glad you asked about that because I wanted opinions on the shape of that pear. I was a little iffy about the length of stone, as it is a little longer than I wanted. Do you think it looks okay? It sparkles like crazy indoors and out. I know you can see the bowtie in the picture but normally I can't see it. Please give me feedback on this stone. I don't know if I made the right decision on getting it. The "fair" for symmetry kinda freaked me out too!

amethyste, thanks! I'm just a chauffeur (sp?) for my 13 year old son and my DDH works in the aircraft industry. I know I am extremely lucky that my DDH kinda understands my obsession with diamonds. I haven't seen a moissanite in person but from everything I read here...I would bet it would look the same! :D Or move to South Florida and I'll share mine with you! :D :D

Thanks again!

Sherrie 06-11-04 11:14 PM


It has been a long time since I have seen a thread that has made me want to reply. All I can say is HOLY SMOKE!

Your rings and bracelets are beautiful. May I ask what is your ring size?


orzo 06-11-04 11:24 PM

Love them all!! Especially the pear- if you decide you don't like it you can send it to me!!!! :D

didiamond 06-11-04 11:58 PM

Thanks Sherrie! I wear a 6 1/2 on my left hand and a 7 on my right.

orzo, okay! :D Share and share alike. Thats my motto. I don't even have a daughter to hand them down to. It's very sad to think about.

Jasmin 06-12-04 01:20 AM

Originally posted by didiamond
Or move to South Florida and I'll share mine with you! :D :D

I'm catchin the next plane to South Florida!! :D You have the prettiest collection I have ever seen! I am in love with the pear ring and the emerald cut 3-stone...just stunning! Enjoy them!

keetercat 06-12-04 01:49 AM

OH MY!!!!!! I cant breathe....I have never, and I mean NEVER seen so many beautiful rings. the diamonds all look AWESOME in my opinion. they are bright and so sparkly....I really have no words.

thank you so much for sharing them, I'm so happy for you that you have such a wonderful gorgeous collection. you must have a beautifully sweet husband, that is so wonderful! I dont know what else to say except WOW! :D

now I am going to email my hubby those pics. he actually like stones/diamonds/sapphires etc. and I'm sure he will be speechless over these new pics.

you know, I told myself that if I won the lotto, I wouldnt get a really expensive ring because I would feel guilty over spending that much on a ring.....well screw that! :lildev: if I win the lotto I'm buying one! my hubby said I could get one if we had the $. if I am ever in that kind of position I will take him up on his offer! I will be dreaming of diamonds tonight... seriously, my heartrate actually went up looking at those pics! :D :facelick: :facelick: :facelick:

andreayung23 06-12-04 02:15 AM

What a gorgeous collection. Congrats on having such a wonderful DDH who understands our *sickness* :D

By the way...I'm only 21...do you want to adopt me as your daughter? I'll be a really good one! ;)

headlight 06-12-04 02:39 AM

The most beautiful rings I have ever seen... PERIOD!

Thank you so much for sharing.

All absolutely yummy, delicious :D

kellysobin 06-12-04 03:10 AM


Amazing collection,
I especially love the fancy yellow radiant, is it from Diamonds by Lauren?

MsDiamondLil 06-12-04 07:50 AM

Wow, Diane! I have not been posting as much lately, but I had to respond to this. Your rings are absolutely beautiful. I'm a pear lover myself, and yours truly made my heart go pitter-pat!

As far as the proportions on the pear, I think it is awsome! I own a pear myself with a slightly longer l/w ratio (1.67:1), and I had the same undecided feelings about it. My preference is about 1.55:1 to 1.60:1. Having your center pear flanked by pears on the sides I think also helps to visually widen the center portion of your stone. Your excellent photo also proves that you need to see a fancy shape in person to judge it. With a depth of 53.2, you pear is much more brilliant that I would have guessed by looking at the number on paper -- and an E color to boot (I'm a color freak). No question one of the most beautiful pears I've evern seen!!! :facelick:

Wear your entire collection in good health.


TnTWalter 06-12-04 08:15 AM

Wowza Wowza Wowza!!!!!!
That woke me up. Forget the coffee. Lucky Lucky Lady. Do you ever wear them all at the same time just for fun? ;o) Thanks for sharing. Wear them in much happiness!!

finerthings 06-12-04 09:16 AM

OMG just breathtaking!!!! You have exquisite taste in jewelry. Heck, I'm 46, but can I be your adopted daughter? :D Actually I'm in the same boat as you with no daughters to inherit my beautiful jewels. I hope my sons marry wonderful wives!

widget 06-12-04 09:29 AM

I woke up this morning thinking about your jewelry!! What's amazing about it is that each piece is exceptionly lovely.. I even love your RB ring (my least favorite cut)...there is something so special about matching it with ovals!!

OK...what else do you have in your collection..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share more!! Any colored stones? Earrings? Necklaces?



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