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1215n 06-10-04 09:14 PM

Hi!! I am new and need advice!I went with my boyfriend to look at some loose princess stone in the diamond district from a well known place and here are the specs...princess,2.42 carats,f color and si1-other one...2.0,f-vs1.My boyfriend chose the first stone with .60 princess on each side...i think either is o.k but to flashy???help...

widget 06-10-04 09:42 PM

Hi, 1215n!

If it were me, I'd probably want smaller side stones to go with a 2.42ct princess. I'd be afraid that the 60 pointers would sort of "drown out" the star of the show..the center stone.

But then, that's me. :) What do YOU like?


headlight 06-10-04 11:41 PM

I don't think that the .60 stones each would be too overwhelming for the 2.42 carat center stone.

Keep in mind that "shrinkage" sets in quickly, so I'd go with the largest your money can buy (but that is just me!).

Also, if you want it to have a true three-stone ring look, you need the side stones to be large enough.

It sounds like it is going to be wonderful, and you are so fortunate to have a BF that wants to buy you something so extravagant.

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