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Cherryseer 10-05-02 02:18 AM

Hello DT!

Hi - It's real nice to be in this "gemmy place" away from the bustle of NY's gem district. I just found DiamondTalk.com while late night surfing because my 3 and a half year old just kicked me out of bed insisting that she had to sleep with Mommy and that I stay in her room. I can't argue sleeping logistics with a crying kid at 2am.

I'm a newbie in the world of forums and I hope you will allow me some time to learn more about this community. I expect to stumble a bit...so thanks for your patience while I learn the ropes.

Some of you already know my firm, CherryPicked.com - a labor of love, art and commerce I've been fortunate to nurture since I turned to the Internet in 1999.

Since 1973 I've been fortunate to have been around precious gems and the colorful people that surround them.

I created my dream job here at CherryPicked.com after experiencing a life threatening event. (Yes, much good can come from what we initially wish would have never happened.) It was an armed robbery that occured in the late 1990's after being marked and followed by a group of thieves. I was attacked and having survived, I was determined to leverage my gem-related knowledge with new emerging technologies. Life on the road (and especially with kids!) is now a thing of the past.

My purpose in bringing CherryPicked.com to life was to 1) empower my customers to purchase wisely through the use of the CherryScoring™ comparison technology while 2) excercising my carreer long preference for ONLY finer quality gem specimens.

I enlisted the venerable firm of Reginald C. Miller, Inc. (in biz since 1946) and their proprietor - a super talented gem cutter, lecturer and artist named Jerrold Green to participate as the transacting partner for gem sales. That was a stroke of good fortune. No one can do it all alone. Jerrold's devotion to the lapidary arts combined with my aforementioned goals continue to be an excellent match.

My goals in joining DT are threefold; educational, commercial and social.

1) Educational - I will be looking to learn from wiser sages as well as prescient students here at DT. For those of you with any Lapidary questions, feel free to ask me - I will forward those to Jerrold. Hmmm...Perhaps I can get him to join...if he ever gets a computer!

2) Commercial - I've never done anything like this before and I am told that my participation "could" result in more business -- as long as I don't ask for it. Well, that sounds great. Not that I'm asking for it. ;-)

3) Social - I look forward to participating and making new friends here. I probably know some of you by face, by association or by name. Having this new connection will certainly be something to talk about. Especially if we ever get to meet over Margaritas at Cafe Poca Cosa when we head for the Tucson Gem show.

Hey - pass the salt!


Richard Orbach, Founder

DT Handle: Cherryseer

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