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corpuscle 09-03-02 05:21 PM

Can anyone recommend one?

Thanks in advance!

jessicarfc75 09-03-02 06:32 PM

My jeweler, Bill, is a g.g. as is his sister, Theresa. She does appraisals for us. PM me for more details. :)

jessicarfc75 09-03-02 06:50 PM

I apologize...
She just happens to also hold her gg. I am seeking my GG, and am fully aware of what it teaches. She doesn't work in my store, but she is independent, and works for herself. She does outside appraisals for my clients on pieces they have not purchased from me. I posted my reply to be helpful, not to attract an assault from someone who takes great pride in what he does, as do I. I am ill with bronchitis, and am too weak to type a darn book. I will reconsider posting help if every time I do, i get lambasted.

jessicarfc75 09-03-02 07:06 PM

How's This?
Braun Appraisal Svc.
10315 Clayton Road
Clayton, MO 63105
(314)-991-1798 :)

No offense taken, rockdoc, I'm just sick and kinda crabby. ;)

jessicarfc75 09-03-02 08:51 PM

thank you
i only walk sideways after tequila :smoker: ole'

corpuscle 09-04-02 07:39 AM

Thanks for the info!

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