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rodentman 05-02-03 10:37 PM

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I just got this new Sirtoli Andreas Dark Honey strap for my Breitling Chronomat MOP. This one is 18mm at the buckle instead of 16mm which most of the other straps are. This one is thicker and heavier for big chronometers and big wrists. I put it on a double deployant clasp. It's quite sharp, I think. It looks good on the burgundy also, but this strap model does not come in burgundy.

rodentman 05-02-03 10:37 PM

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A view of the clasp...

ladyluck 05-02-03 10:52 PM

I love that color RM for a watch band. That is a sharp looking watch all right. The buckle reminds me somewhat of the buckle on my Tag Heuer. I would love to be able to get a hold of a different colored strap but have been unsuccessful. The one I presently have is a nice red, not burgundy but it's fairly worn down. Any ideas where I can find something like this? This is an older model watch.

rodentman 05-02-03 11:03 PM

Unless the strap is proprietary (like the Ebels) you should be able to find one at:


Measure the strap width between the lugs on the watch and measure the buckle end. If this is a lady's watch it might be thinner than Sirtoli carries, but anyway, looking at this website you can see what is available. The prices are very reasonable, the products are absolutely top quality and very attractive.

ladyluck 05-02-03 11:21 PM

Thanks so much RM. :) I bookmarked the website and will return to it later on. It may be best if I measure not only the length of the strap but the width as well. Thank you again! :D

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