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lcom 02-18-09 06:02 AM

Hello, I have been looking at this site for over a year now and have never posted. I am lacking in my life anybody that appreciates jewelry like I do and in this forum I see many kindred spirits! My friends tease me because they think a "natural" girl, (I camp, kayak and garden) should not like bling so much. I think, what is more natural then rock and metal from the earth wrought into beautiful shapes by mans hands?? I have been married for 25 years and have my first grandson this year! he is my most precious jewel! but aside from that I have a diamond engagement ring from
knox that we bought last year to replace my old one and we had the diamond put in that setting and I wear it with a diamond anniversery band, I can't remember what the setting is called but it is a halo type with the 2 suprise diamonds on the sides, I love it! Also some antique diamond watches and family jewelry. Glad to be here, I love looking at others collections. Lea

FoxyandSexy 02-18-09 03:06 PM

Re: Hello!
Hi Lea & welcome!

Congrats on your grandson!

Your ring sounds gorgeous! They do AWESOME work!

:heart: Amy

lcom 02-19-09 06:37 AM

Thank you Amy. I agree they do,Your pink is awesome! You have a beautiful collection, I love your antique rings also, how do you take such great pics? I have a hard time with small things. Lea

FoxyandSexy 02-19-09 02:25 PM

Re: Hello!
Thanks for the compliments Lea!

Out of all my rings, the pink is my favorite & definitely my most special ring. The antique rings belonged to my Great Aunt so they are very special too.

That's funny......I thought I was a horrible photographer! A lot of my pics turn out fuzzy. I have noticed that they seem to be a little better when I use the macro feature on my camera (the button with the little flower on it) & when I take pictures outside---but not in direct sunlight.

I'd love to see your new ring too. :)

:heart: Amy

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