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Brad 08-15-00 07:34 PM

Way to go Brodway ! You have really carved out a spot in the diamond talk areana. Great input and humor to boot.


lawmax 08-15-00 07:47 PM

Wow Brodway! That's a lot of cookies-did you give any to your pet *ock?!

Nice work!


[Edited by lawmax on 08-15-2000.]

MadAsHell 08-15-00 11:08 PM

I've enjoyed you, brodway. I like your frankness and your fearlessness. Nice sense of humor, too. Gee, you're quite a little package when you come tothink of it!


Johnny Boy 08-16-00 02:12 AM


Hooweee... you're outrunning all the consumers and a few of the pros too. Great to have your input!

Emrldforher 08-16-00 09:19 AM

Outstanding job, Brodway. Its great to have you here!!!


basnjas 08-16-00 11:03 AM

You are on fire, Brodway!

We are all so
that you have come here to be our
. You are the
of the
and we all thank you for giving us so much of your time.


brodway 08-16-00 12:18 PM

Thanx for all your praises..

Im happy to be a part of a forum which seeks justice for all diamond buyers...not just the ones that hang out at the diamond dealers club....

Looking forward to the highly awaited October news releases...

Should be something big huh??

Don Chich

Diamond_Lover 08-16-00 01:10 PM

Way to go, Brodway!!!

I'm going to congratulate you on your 1000th post NOW....since you'll probably hit it tomorrow!!!


KirstensGuy 08-17-00 12:26 PM

Congrats! I'm impressed you've been able to develop your interest in diamonds and use your knowledge to help and entertain so many.



brodway 08-17-00 12:54 PM


Congratulations on your engagement...

Sounds like you had a great time...

Im happy that you found exactly what you want in both your wife to be and the rock she will be wearing....

Thanx for the praise..

Don Chich

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