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virginbred 12-04-06 03:34 AM

A favorite..
2 Attachment(s)
platinum and 3 natural colored diamonds late 1800s...an easy wearer that can take loads of abuse...but whatever you do don't try cleaning a crystal glass by sticking your hand down into it and spinning the glass around...ugh...ruined the glass

DiamLady 12-04-06 11:45 AM

Re: a favorite..
These are natural color diamonds? Coooool! :) The center looks like an old cushion cut maybe. Are the other two old euro cut rounds?

Would love to hear more about these stones and possibly get a hand shot. :)

FoxyandSexy 12-04-06 02:30 PM

Re: a favorite..
Very cool ring......the center stone looks like an emerald cut (a little asscherish) to me.

Tell us more about the diamonds. :)

Snooper 12-04-06 03:23 PM

Re: A favorite..
I was thinking the center looked like an asscher/ec too. WOULD love to see hand pics!

Itbit 12-04-06 03:26 PM

Re: A favorite..
WoW!! Your ring is wonderful!!!

colormyworld 12-04-06 05:27 PM

Re: A favorite..
To quote Ibit "WOW'. That is one way cool ring.
Thanks for coloring my world.


virginbred 12-05-06 12:31 AM

love it love it love it!!!
thanks folks...this ring started out as a dinner ring of my great grandmother then grandmother had it reset for everyday...my dad told me they were russian diamonds but who knows...center stone is 8x7 and each side is 7...never had the stones out so don't know exact weight...the parrot green one fluoresces under black light...but each stone throws so many rainbow colors i find myself looking at it all the time...and this is a ring i've been wearing since 1989...grin~~~here is another favorite...

my husband and i gave each other diamond rings when we got married...i'm very lucky that he loves diamonds almost as much as i do...his is a 1.60 very sparkley light yellow set in green gold and mine i'm not sure of the weight but measures 16x10 L or M color...i laughed out loud for about 2 months every time i looked at it on my hand!!! still smiling...grin~~~

Snooper 12-05-06 03:54 AM

Re: A favorite..
Wow, I wish my husband loved diamonds as much as I do! Nice ER! It looks HUGE!!!!! In a good way too!!!

So green gold? Is that like what they use in black hills gold? (pardon my ignorance)

I still can't get over the 3 stone ring you first posted! :drool:

bigredpayne 12-05-06 11:06 AM

Re: A favorite..
Oh man, I want to see your husbands ring! That sounds totally cool! Will you post pics of it?

virginbred 12-05-06 11:55 AM

Re: A favorite..
love those hand shots...but need additional study on picture taking and camera operation...grin~~~other pic is my husbands hand shot...as to the green gold question...all i know is that it is made with a mixture of alloys but yes, green gold is used in blackhills gold...i tried setting my husbands diamond in yellow, red and green...i thought green was most unique...his band is platinum with 1ct worth of stones

luvnjewelry 12-05-06 12:12 PM

Re: A favorite..
Oh My...you have a fabulous, unique collection! How do you decide what to wear? I am drooling over that 3 stone ring of yours! YOu must get oodles of compliments as it is such a neat "conversation" piece!!~Ronda

luvnjewelry 12-05-06 12:13 PM

Re: A favorite..
P.S....love your avatar!LOL!~Ronda

virginbred 12-05-06 12:16 PM

Re: A favorite..
thanks ronda...you are right...i do get wide eyed looks and the perverbial oooooo's and ahhhhhhh's...grin~~~i just feel lucky that my ancestors had such great taste!!!! hope this continues with my 2 girls...

virginbred 12-05-06 12:22 PM

Re: A favorite..
this i found hilarious!

luvnjewelry 12-05-06 12:29 PM

Re: A favorite..
LMAO!!!!!! YOu get Karma for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pound: ~Ronda

virginbred 12-05-06 12:35 PM

Re: A favorite..
ooooo weeee!!!! karma, karma, karma...i want ALLL the karma!!! grin~~~ thanks you've given me a big smile!!!

FoxyandSexy 12-07-06 04:50 PM

Re: A favorite..
I love all your rings virginbred. They are beautiful. And that pear is HUGE!

flowers26 12-08-06 04:20 PM

Re: A favorite..
I love the center stone in that ring!

sistagrl2004 12-08-06 04:34 PM

Need More Pics!
I love them ALL! Can we get more pics of the pear.. maybe hand pic? WOW!

virginbred 12-08-06 08:41 PM

Re: A favorite..
Click the image to view the full version
Click the image to view the full version.

here's another favorite my husband designed so it is very special to me...

virginbred 12-08-06 08:43 PM

Re: A favorite..
hand pic of the pear
Click the image to view the full version
Click the image to view the full version.

luvnjewelry 12-08-06 09:30 PM

Re: A favorite..
Wooh! You have been holding out on us! Those are so unique! Huge Sapphire...and look at those pears adorning it!! Gosh your pear is so gorgeous and huge ...that I can hardly see that asscher band! I would love to see pics of that on it's own....oooh so yummy! ~Ronda

kleinkath 12-08-06 09:38 PM

Re: A favorite..
Wow! I have missed all of these lovelies! You have some really great pieces! I cannot wait to see more pictures :)

bigredpayne 12-08-06 10:04 PM

Re: A favorite..
Holy cow! Now that's bling!

virginbred 12-08-06 10:36 PM

Re: A favorite..
thanks y'all...i do love diamonds!!! here's one of the asscher...it's one of david's...my husband promises to double it every year...this is the second one which is 2.54ctw...after he got the huge pear i told him to wait a year and then go for the 5ct from david...grin~~~i would love some color in the diamonds...

virginbred 12-08-06 10:40 PM

Re: A favorite..
i say...if you're lucky enough to have them you ought to wear them...can't stand the thought of something so pretty being locked up out of sight...
Click the image to view the full version
Click the image to view the full version.

kleinkath 12-08-06 10:52 PM

Re: A favorite..
Snooper is going to be soooo jealous of that DBL asscher band!!! Wow your rings are just stunning!

virginbred 12-08-06 10:59 PM

Re: A favorite..
times like this one needs more fingers..grin~~~ thanks for the compliments...i will pass them on to the sweetie who bought them for me....

luvnjewelry 12-09-06 12:55 PM

Re: A favorite..
Snooper is going to be jealous?!!! I am jealous! Oh my gosh I just love that asscher band, and What?...you get to double it sometime down the road?? DROOL! You have quite a nice collection! WOW!!~Ronda

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