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Musthave 04-07-03 10:03 PM

Please help me get this baby moving! I was due on Friday and I'm really getting antsy!

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get things moving! I know the oldies but goodies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

dbeth 04-07-03 10:08 PM

How many cm. are you dilated??

Have you had your membranes (cervix) stripped??

Seagulls 04-07-03 10:10 PM

I don't know if this will help. But with my daughter she was born 11 days past due (not induced). What I did the day before I went into labor is I sat quietly and talked to her and told her that I was ready to have her, whenever she was ready to come out, she was welcomed to do so. THEN I played my favorite music and sat on a speaker. I sat on the speaker so she would hear the pleasing music and go towards the music... (down the birth canal).

Sounds a little weird, maybe. But the next morning I woke up and labor started.

Wishing you all the best!!!!!


dbeth 04-07-03 10:10 PM

Sorry--I guess only MelissaCT and I would understand those terms. Getting your membranes stripped means the Dr. stretches your cervix apart, hopefully to get your uterine contractions going. But, they usually only do it when your about 2-3 cm. dilated and contracting mildly or occassionally.

Musthave 04-07-03 10:11 PM

I'm 4 almost 5 cm 60% effaced -2 and had my membranes stripped on Friday. :(

dbeth 04-07-03 10:16 PM

Well, darn! :(

That usually works. Have you been contracting??

And if I recall, is this your 3rd child?

Seagulls 04-07-03 10:19 PM

Oh, I also wanted to add a friend of mine used an accupunturist and it got the labor going "real fast".


Musthave 04-07-03 10:23 PM

No contraction and this is my second. I have had a lot of bloody show but no contractions.

Seagulls maybe I'll sit on a speaker tonight! :D I'll try anything!

dbeth 04-07-03 10:29 PM

Since you have bloody show and you are 4-5 cm dilated, it looks like to me you will eventually go in to labor. But, as soon as you do, you better get your arse to the hospital asap!! Because before you know it--you will be 8-9 cm ready for that urge to push!!

LOL! It never fails---whenever we send someone home at 5 cm, they always show up at the door 10 cm, +2 station, hardly making it to the bed to give birth. :)

yogimel 04-07-03 10:32 PM

Poor thing......:(
I have nothing to offer by way of advice....just my sympathy. I know how it feels to WANT THAT BABY OUT *NOW*. :mad:

Please hang in there; just a while longer Musthave....you're almost there, and you're doing great.

Musthave 04-07-03 10:35 PM

Well I hope so. Last time I never had that urge to push and I had to push myself for almost 4 hours. The induction was horrible and I had toxemia to boot! My daughter was also sunnyside up and was a multiple presention. Her had was up against her face. I was just hoping this time to go in naturally and not have all the complications. I'm still hoping.

My Dr. basically said give me a reason to break your water and you'll go into labor. I just have not had any contraction so I don't really want to do that yet.

Hospital is 2 minutes from my house :D

Kamuelamom 04-07-03 10:42 PM

Hello Musthave,

I feel for you. I induced with all 3 of my children (all different scenarios) and yes, the waiting was junk.

Please hang in there, you know this will be over soon.

Cheering for you!!

Musthave 04-07-03 10:45 PM

Thanks everyone!
I appreciate the support!

JennyWeatherman 04-07-03 10:57 PM

I'm afraid I don't have any good advice on this one. My son was three weeks overdue and weighed almost eleven pounds. My daugher weighed nine pounds and was eight days late.

Pookarina 04-07-03 11:23 PM

Try eating some chili verde- green chile.

It worked for rme! :D

msmithmomx2 04-07-03 11:23 PM


I hope for your sake that they don't have to induce. Maybe if we all started praying? I'll say one for you just in case. Inducement makes things so much harder. I wish I could offer more help!

Musthave 04-07-03 11:26 PM

Please everyone pray for me! I need all the help I can get - and thats the best help I know of :D

Pook - Chili verde! Well maybe tomorrow I'll try and find a place that sells it! ;)

LittleMagpie 04-07-03 11:34 PM

You have my prayers and sympathy! But only if you'll post pictures of your new angel later. ;) Take care!


asikora 04-07-03 11:55 PM

Just wanted to wish you support!
I am 5 months with my first, so don't have any first hand experience...

BUT, my mother (who is a Certified Nurse Midwife) has had her patients do acupuncture and sometimes that gets things going right away...but make sure they are licenced and skilled with pregnant women.

Good Luck!

sweet7696 04-08-03 02:50 AM

You poor thing... :( I don't have any advice, as I obviously have no children.. ;) I hope your little one gets on its way soon! I'll be praying for you!

GemGoddess 04-08-03 04:48 AM

Give it a little more time, darlin! It will be over soon. :cutebaby: Sounds like things are progressing on their own. Have you been walking? And there's always that *other* kind of exercise people swear by. :D Oldies, but goodies, but there's a reason for them... ;)

Tomorrow could be the day; after all, it is the day I picked in the 'predict Musthave baby' thread. ;) Good luck!

Momof2 04-08-03 09:02 AM

Poor thing!
My only advice is: go shopping! Keep as busy as your poor tired body can stand. It worked for me.

Musthave 04-08-03 11:14 AM

Thanks everyone!
I just want to let everyone know that I'm not trying to complain about being pregnant - I'm actually not uncomfortable. The only thing that gets me is getting up 5-6 times a night to go to the bathroom. I know this will be my last so I'm really enjoying the pregnancy and it is 110% better than last time. I just don't want to end up being induced again :( I want to be able to labor at home as long as I can and go to the hospital for the good stuff.

We have tried the oldies but goodies so much that we have more than made up for the down time afterwards. I swear I feel like a rabbit :lildev:

I'm keeping VERY busy and walking and working out everyday! I guess God has his plan for the Birthday and thats that!

I'm thinking of checking my local phone book for an acupuncturist.

GemGoddess 04-08-03 11:22 AM

Re: Thanks everyone!
Originally posted by Musthave
... tried the oldies but goodies so much that we have more than made up for the down time afterwards...

ROFLMAO! :lildev:

ladyluck 04-08-03 12:42 PM

Musthave, I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. :( I cannot say that I know how you feel as my son came early and oh so quickly. The only advice I can give is to walk.

However, please know that I will keep you in my prayers in the hopes that you go soon.

Jasmyn 04-08-03 02:28 PM


Walking is good. Castor Oil is also good - but be CAREFUL!! Too much of it and you will be pushing from one side and leaking from the other, if you know what I mean. The recommended amount is about a teaspoon in some orange juice - wait for at least four hours, then try another dose. Nipple Stimulation is also good.
But of course - until s/he is ready to come, that kid's in there!!


abbykatesmom 04-09-03 02:11 AM

Have you tried
the old stand by...... SEX! :D

Jan 04-09-03 12:21 PM

Good Luck MustHave. I've been looking at the board everyday waiting to see your announcement. I think when the baby is ready it will definitely come. :) You are in my prayers. Keep up the good work and patience really pays off. :)


CarmenTN 04-09-03 06:34 PM

I got induced the first time and I thought it was great, I was so scared and they told me everything that would happen, that was what made me like it.

I had a date for the 2nd induction b/c of high blood pressure and swelling and he came early all on his own and had it not been for the epidural slowing him down the nurse would have needed a catchers mit.

Every child is different, this one is just really enjoying "womb time"!hehe

sopapia 04-09-03 07:59 PM

walk, walk, and walk....

Musthave 04-09-03 10:55 PM

nothing is working for me so I guess the little one will show when they are ready.

I go to the Dr's tomorrow so hopefully I'll know more then. I'll keep everyone posted!

Please pray for me! I'm starting to really get SCARED! :eek: Do I really have to deliver this baby :D

Thanks for all the support and prayers - it really means a lot to me.

DaddysGirl 04-10-03 12:16 AM

Hey Musthave.....
I know you probably don't know me, cause your name isn't that familiar to me. But I have been on here about a year and a half, but with 7 kids, I only get on about every couple of weeks or so!!! LOL

Anyway, yes I have 7 kids, but it is a his, hers, and ours. When hubby and I married we each had 3, and last December we had our first together :) So it wasn't that long ago, I was EXACTLY where you are!!! I completely sympathize, so here's sending a nice foot rub. Anyhow, while I was preggo, I joined an Expecting Club online and towards the end these women tried EVERYTHING!!! So let me give ya the list....

Evening Primrose Oil
Raw Pineapple
Eggplant Parmesan (they are actually recipes online sworn to induce labor)
And I believe there was a tea, Rasberry I think, but double check with your OB, cause I know some teas aren't good for preggo's.

Personally, I think it's all the luck of the draw. We had 2 or 3 women go into labor within 24 hrs of eating the pineapple. The eggplant didn't seem to work for anyone in our group, but there were enough testimonials, I was even tempted!!! LOL I think the Primrose helps your cervix during the labor itself. And sex... well it helps to dialate and efface you, which is ALWAYS a good thing!!! :) Anyway, I have a buddy from the same board who is now in our Playgroup for Dec 02 babies, she had a list she once passed onto me (she was 2 weeks earlier then me), if there's anything I missed, I'll be sure to pass it on!!!

BTW, good luck and Easy Labor Vibes. Our little bundle can be seen in the Photo Album, under Babies of DT. His name is Jamie :)

Hugs and Belly Rubs~

Jan 04-10-03 07:40 AM

I don't really like the induced labor. When I had my second child, they induced because I had fallen at the beach and my water broke but was leaking slowly, my contractions didn't start ,and I had over 30 hours of labor that ended with a C section, so I would advise really to let nature take it's course.
Turns out that my water had re sealed, so I don't think I was really ready.


exotik1 04-12-03 07:03 PM

bertain kind of lettuce
theres a certain type of lettuce that women use to SAFELY shave a couple days off their due date.. i forget the name but try to look it up..good luck! :)

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