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Jasmyn 04-08-03 02:28 PM


Walking is good. Castor Oil is also good - but be CAREFUL!! Too much of it and you will be pushing from one side and leaking from the other, if you know what I mean. The recommended amount is about a teaspoon in some orange juice - wait for at least four hours, then try another dose. Nipple Stimulation is also good.
But of course - until s/he is ready to come, that kid's in there!!


abbykatesmom 04-09-03 02:11 AM

Have you tried
the old stand by...... SEX! :D

Jan 04-09-03 12:21 PM

Good Luck MustHave. I've been looking at the board everyday waiting to see your announcement. I think when the baby is ready it will definitely come. :) You are in my prayers. Keep up the good work and patience really pays off. :)


CarmenTN 04-09-03 06:34 PM

I got induced the first time and I thought it was great, I was so scared and they told me everything that would happen, that was what made me like it.

I had a date for the 2nd induction b/c of high blood pressure and swelling and he came early all on his own and had it not been for the epidural slowing him down the nurse would have needed a catchers mit.

Every child is different, this one is just really enjoying "womb time"!hehe

sopapia 04-09-03 07:59 PM

walk, walk, and walk....

Musthave 04-09-03 10:55 PM

nothing is working for me so I guess the little one will show when they are ready.

I go to the Dr's tomorrow so hopefully I'll know more then. I'll keep everyone posted!

Please pray for me! I'm starting to really get SCARED! :eek: Do I really have to deliver this baby :D

Thanks for all the support and prayers - it really means a lot to me.

DaddysGirl 04-10-03 12:16 AM

Hey Musthave.....
I know you probably don't know me, cause your name isn't that familiar to me. But I have been on here about a year and a half, but with 7 kids, I only get on about every couple of weeks or so!!! LOL

Anyway, yes I have 7 kids, but it is a his, hers, and ours. When hubby and I married we each had 3, and last December we had our first together :) So it wasn't that long ago, I was EXACTLY where you are!!! I completely sympathize, so here's sending a nice foot rub. Anyhow, while I was preggo, I joined an Expecting Club online and towards the end these women tried EVERYTHING!!! So let me give ya the list....

Evening Primrose Oil
Raw Pineapple
Eggplant Parmesan (they are actually recipes online sworn to induce labor)
And I believe there was a tea, Rasberry I think, but double check with your OB, cause I know some teas aren't good for preggo's.

Personally, I think it's all the luck of the draw. We had 2 or 3 women go into labor within 24 hrs of eating the pineapple. The eggplant didn't seem to work for anyone in our group, but there were enough testimonials, I was even tempted!!! LOL I think the Primrose helps your cervix during the labor itself. And sex... well it helps to dialate and efface you, which is ALWAYS a good thing!!! :) Anyway, I have a buddy from the same board who is now in our Playgroup for Dec 02 babies, she had a list she once passed onto me (she was 2 weeks earlier then me), if there's anything I missed, I'll be sure to pass it on!!!

BTW, good luck and Easy Labor Vibes. Our little bundle can be seen in the Photo Album, under Babies of DT. His name is Jamie :)

Hugs and Belly Rubs~

Jan 04-10-03 07:40 AM

I don't really like the induced labor. When I had my second child, they induced because I had fallen at the beach and my water broke but was leaking slowly, my contractions didn't start ,and I had over 30 hours of labor that ended with a C section, so I would advise really to let nature take it's course.
Turns out that my water had re sealed, so I don't think I was really ready.


exotik1 04-12-03 07:03 PM

bertain kind of lettuce
theres a certain type of lettuce that women use to SAFELY shave a couple days off their due date.. i forget the name but try to look it up..good luck! :)

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