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kbecks 12-06-15 12:34 PM

What kind of discount for estate ring on Ebay?
Hi Diamond fans!

I am looking at a ring on Ebay and looking and looking at it and i just might make a go of of it to try to win the auction. I just like it.

It is an estate multi-stone diamond ring and the price is less than it would be to buy a brand new ring. It seems like it would be a good deal, maybe 1/4 of a new piece price. Of course it is a used piece and the metal shows some wear an maybe a bit of tarnish or slightly reddish discolor on the yellow gold? (that seems weird). But the pictures are close up and you can see every little scratch. I'm OK with that.

I'm possibly trying to gather the courage to bid and then picking a price.

I am not a big jewelry wearer, I have a nice wedding diamond and that's it. I like this one and I like the idea of picking up a great bargain.

Any tips? Thanks!

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